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Interview with a Sony Partner: Clutch

Today we are talking with Clutch Silver (AKA Bruce Wayne Schmitz) to learn about who he is, why he decided to go back to school in his twenties, and how we find out who the diamond reward is going to be for his #SonyPartners Moments that are coming out this Friday, April 26th

Thank you, Clutch for doing this and for being such a positive member of MLB The Show’s community. 

Thank you for asking me. Happy to be a part of the community and hopefully being a positive impact on others.

Let’s start by explaining this picture. What’s going on here?

The photo is from my first large fire last summer. Long day, hard work, and had the time of my life. 29-hour shift but we got the job done. I look back at many photos from the past summer and see how much I grew mentally as a person. I learned what struggle really was, mentally and physically and how I can overcome anything. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone more than I had ever done before. Part of my success was due to my community on Twitch. They knew how much I cared about my work and school, never gave me one negative word about leaving streaming over the summer. Anytime I got on, they were there. That’s become my biggest goal on Twitch: To create a community where everyone supports one another, pushes one another to do great things, and is there when times are hard. If I didn’t start streaming back in 2013, I have no idea where I would be now. 


Was it your community that encouraged you to enroll in school while in your late-twenties?

Yes, I was unhappy with the career I had and wanted to really find something I was passionate about and that didn’t involve me inside an office much. I grew up always being in the outdoors so with the help of my community, I pushed myself to reapply for school and pursue that dream. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Sacrifices were made including quitting my full-time job.


Do you fight fire full-time now?

Only in the summers due to school. The position I hold is a seasonal position, usually 4-5 months. The agency I work for only has around 40, full-time fire jobs during the offseason. That's not just my region, that's 40 jobs covering the entire state of Washington. With a new state budget, that number should grow. I want to get a full-time fire job when I graduate next year with my Bachelors in Forestry. With the changes in the environment, I believe new jobs will open in fire as it will only get worse until we properly manage our lands. I am very passionate about the environment and hope to make a positive impact on it throughout my career. 


You're in Washington, so are the Mariners your favorite team?

Yes! Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest on a small Island a ferry boat ride away from Seattle. I grew up watching and rooting for the Mariners. My first memory of the Mariners is going to a game at the Kingdome where Dan Wilson hit an inside-the-park grand slam. I remember attending plenty of games when Ken Griffey JR was around in the late ’90s, who actually inspired me to play baseball growing up. Even to this day, I am a huge fan of his. I’m hoping this is the year that the Mariners end the drought of not making the postseason since 2001. My all-time favorite Mariners player would be Ken Griffey JR or Felix Hernandez. It will also be a sight to see Edgar Martinez finally inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame. Tears will be shed!


How long have you been streaming MLB The Show?

I started streaming MLB The Show back in 2014, around September to be exact. The main modes I streamed was RTTS and Play Now games vs the CPU. The PlayStation 4 is the first PlayStation I have ever owned. Before The Show, I was really into competitive Halo on the Xbox. When it was time to get a new generation console, I went with the PS4 because Halo wasn’t as popular and I wanted a baseball game. When MLB 15 came out, that’s when everything took off for me on Twitch. I also played a lot of MUT so when I saw The Show have a mode just like that but surrounding baseball, I had to play. Within the first week, I was hooked and haven’t looked back. I may stream some other games from time-to-time, but 95% of my content on Twitch is MLB The Show. Very thankful for the community support over the years, I have made so many new friends. There are some really great people in this community. Last year we had our first IRL community event where we went to a Mariners game together. Who knew that choosing to stream MLB The Show would change my life for the better?


From The Show 15 to 19, what has been your favorite or most memorable card to use?

That’s a tough question with all the content over the years. I have two cards that really stick out to me from my years of playing. The first one was the Ichiro from MLB The Show 16. He was the Mariners collection reward and I used him all year long. He could get on base, laser of an arm, and stole many bases for me. The second card that really stands out for me is actually from the same year, MLB The Show 16: 1998 Mariners, Alex Rodriguez. That card had it all as it was from the year he had 40 home runs and 40 steals! I remember watching him hit that milestone on TV. He was a player I looked up to growing up before he left Seattle for Texas in 2001. There are so many other cards over the years that I loved, but I will always have that bias for my Mariners!


What game mode do you play the most now?

Ranked seasons is the mode I enjoy the most. A true online challenge in a 9 inning environment. Sure BR and events can be fun but I enjoy a 9 inning experience. I’ve always enjoyed competitive gaming and this mode brings out the best competition. I may not be a World Series player...yet, but I always enjoy the challenge. The only way to get better at this game is to play the best and learn from them. I am definitely aiming for my first World Series banner this year. 


When and where can we go to watch you work towards that World Series banner?

You can find me live streaming on Twitch! I stream 4-5 days a week usually around 8 am PST depending on my school and work schedule. I do also upload from time-to-time on my YouTube channel as well. If you need a great reason to come find my channel on Twitch: this Thursday, April 25th at 5 pm PST, I will be live streaming the diamond player reveal for my set of moments over on ! If you are looking for a place to chill with positive vibes, this is the place to be. Go, Mariners!


Thank you, Clutch. We will all be cheering you on towards your goal this year! Be the first to know what diamond player will be unlocked by catching Clutch’s stream this Thursday at 5 pm PST!