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Finest Flashbacks, World Series Event, and 3x Stubs

Finest Flashbacks, World Series Event, and 3x Stubs

Finest Flashbacks, World Series Event, and 3x Stubs

The devs are back on the Twitch couch to break down the Finest Series players. Watch the archive of the live stream here for details about the new Flashbacks here.

Finest of 2018

The Finest Series features 17 players, and the eye-popping stats they produced during the 2018 regular season. Hitters with near triple crowns, two starting pitchers with sub-2.00 ERAs and a closer with 57 saves!

Finest Mookie Betts is a 98 overall after his impressive 2018 regular season campaign where he led the American League in batting average (.346).

Let’s talk about what makes Finest different than other series of players in Diamond Dynasty:

  • LIVE SERIES: As many of you know, our Roster Updates are powered by three-year averages to assign attributes with an emphasis on the current season’s performance.
  • FLASHBACKS AND LEGENDS: Their attributes are based on a single season of statistics as noted on player cards.
  • IMMORTALS: Attributes are based on career highs from their best seasons.
  • MONTHLY AWARDS: Attributes start with their current Live Series rating and take into consideration exceptional performances from a specific month.
  • FINEST: A hybrid concept of Immortals and Monthly Awards, but instead of looking a player’s entire career and season-bests, we focused on the player’s monthly-bests in each attribute category in 2018 while using his Live Series rating as a foundation.

Jacob deGrom is the highest rated starting pitcher (98 OVR) in the Finest Series after posting personal career-bests in ERA (1.70), strikeouts (269) and innings pitched (217).

Finest Players

There are a total of 17 Finest Series Flashbacks. Josh Hader’s Finest Series player item is found in the Finest Program, while the other 16 Finest players can be found in the Community Market and the Finest Series Pack.


Javier Baez earned his first trip to the All-Star game while showing off his versatile skillset of power (34 HR), speed (21 SB) and defense in the 2018 regular season.

Finest Pack in Show Shop

The Finest Pack is available in the Show Shop for 30,000 Stubs.

It includes a chance to find 16 of the Finest Series Flashbacks, and guarantees 1 Gold or better player plus 3 other players. There are no limits to the pack.

All items acquired through this pack in the Show Shop can be sold in the Community Market.

Finest Program, Mission, and Free Pack

First, redeem your free Finest Pack (that’s a 30,000 Stub value!) at zero percent in the Finest Program rewards screen.

By pressing R1 or L1 from that screen, you will see several collect and play Missions in the Finest Program.

The only requirements in the Finest Program are to collect Finest Series players. There are other optional Missions, which we will discuss below.

Step-by-step guide to completing the Finest Program:

  1. Complete the first Mission to Collect 3 Finest Players to earn 25 percent in the Program, which unlocks Finest Josh Hader in the rewards screen.
  2. Collect 6 Finest players (Hader counts as one of them) for 50 percent in the rewards screen, which unlocks another Finest Pack. Items acquired in the Finest Program packs can be sold.
  3. At this point, head over to the Immortals Program (Trout, Eck and Brett) to earn another 30 percent in that Program by collecting the same 6 Finest Players. This may unlock an Immortal for you!
  4. Return to the Finest Program and collect 9 Finest players to earn another Finest Pack at 75 percent in the rewards screen
  5. Collect 12 of the 17 Finest players to complete the Finest Program and redeem the Finest Program Souvenir at 100 percent.
  6. Go to the Immortals Program (Trout, Eck and Brett) to redeem the Finest Program Souvenir Mission to earn another 30 percent in the Immortals Program, which may unlock an Immortal for you!

Earn Guaranteed Finest Player Packs

There are optional Missions in the Finest Program to earn guaranteed Finest player item packs which cannot be sold.

For a multiplayer option to earn one guaranteed Finest player, win 50 Battle Royale games. This Mission cannot be repeated.

For a single player option to earn one guaranteed Finest player, defeat all 30 MLB teams in a string of VS CPU games that becomes more difficult as you win. Start with the “Defeat the Baltimore Orioles” Mission on Veteran difficulty or higher. Once completed, the next Mission to play another VS CPU game will appear. Carefully read the Mission requirements and difficulties. 

In addition to the (1) guaranteed Finest Series player in the pack that cannot be sold, you will earn XP, Stubs and Tickets along the way.

Finest Leads to Immortals

The Finest players are important to collect on your way to earning more Immortals.

In the Immortals Program for Mike Trout, Dennis Eckersley and George Brett, you can earn up to 60 percent progress for collecting Finest Series players. The Finest content is divided into two Missions in the image above: Collect six Finest Series players (30 percent) and acquire the Finest Program Souvenir (30 percent), which is earned by collecting 12 of the 17 Flashbacks in the Finest Program.

Add in the 40 percent from Future Stars Programs and you can redeem all three Immortals of Trout, Eckersley and Brett.

The Finest Program is not required to unlock Trout, Eckersley and Brett. You can wait for the Postseason Program to be unveiled in mid-November to play with new 2018 Postseason Series players. You can mix and match Missions to add up to 100 percent progress in the Immortals Program. There will be many paths to earn all three 99 overall players once the Postseason Missions are released.

World Series Event

The World Series Event has started, and every win counts toward legends Bob Feller and Ted Williams in the Immortal Events Program.

You can only choose players from the World Series teams: Red Sox and Dodgers. We are allowing Legends and Flashbacks from these teams. You can also use common players from any team.

The strike zone will not be displayed in these 3-inning games. Earn the cumulative and streak rewards, including Live Series Diamonds and other packs, and don’t forget about the 20 hidden Missions that will pop up in the Immortal Events Program as you win more games.

The World Series Event ends Wednesday, November 7 at noon PT.

Earn Triple Stubs

While you are playing games in MLB The Show 18, you will be earning three times as many Stubs. This limited time promotion ends Friday, November 2nd at noon PT.

Developer Q&A

Q: How long will the Finest Pack stay in the Show Shop?
A: Indefinitely. We do not plan to remove it.

Q: When will Halloween equipment be added for Created Players?
A: Look for the Halloween equipment and a new Collector Program in Diamond Dynasty to drop on Friday, October 25 in Set 16 Standard Packs.

Q: When will the next Ranked Season begin?
A: Thursday, November 1 at midnight ET.

Q: Will Battle Royale have new Flawless Rewards?
A: We will not be adding new Flawless player items, but remember that 50 Battle Royale wins will earn you a guaranteed Diamond Finest Series player (cannot be sold). Look for that Mission in the Finest Program.

Q: When will the 2018 Postseason Program arrive?
A: Look for the Program and new 2018 Postseason Flashbacks in mid-November along with a final Roster Update based on the performances of players in the Postseason.