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Immortal Ted Williams, Bob Feller, and Postseason Event

Immortal Ted Williams, Bob Feller, and Postseason Event

Immortal Ted Williams, Bob Feller, and Postseason Event

Immortals Ted Williams and Bob Feller are now in Diamond Dynasty along with the first Postseason Event.

So, how do you acquire them? Simple. Win Events and tally stats to earn the two new Immortals.

Look for the new Immortal Events Program with ten Missions in Diamond Dynasty.

Three Missions require you to hit home runs, extra base hits and record pitcher strikeouts in Events games. To repeat, these stats only can be accrued in Diamond Dynasty Events. The Missions do not expire and any Event from this point forward counts toward your win total and stats.

The other seven Missions require 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 Event wins. What you don’t see is a lot of free rewards along the way! Look for 20 hidden Missions to appear at different win totals. For instance, there is a hidden pack reward for your first Event win and a lot more packs (including several Monthly Awards packs) and loot to earn as you march toward Immortals Bob Feller and Ted Williams.

Immortal Bob Feller, a Hall of Fame starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, can be earned at 30 percent in the Program reward screen.

With a nasty five pitch repertoire along with a 21 mph difference between his 4-seam fastball (99 mph) and his 12-6 curveball (78 mph), his pitches will not be easy to square up.  The only starting pitchers with 125 K/9 are Immortals Bob Feller and Nolan Ryan.

In the 1930s and through the 1950s, Feller was dominating on the mound posting jaw-dropping season-best totals of 27 wins, 371 innings pitched and 348 strikeouts!

Bob Feller and Ted Williams both served in the Navy during World War II and missed three seasons when they were in their 20s. Both of them returned to baseball and continued their Hall of Fame careers.

Immortal Ted Williams is the final Events Program reward at 100 percent completion, and he rivals Babe Ruth as the greatest Immortal hitter in MLB The Show 18.

Williams famously hit .406 in the 1941 season and went on to swat 521 career home runs while winning two A.L. MVPs with the Boston Red Sox.

Win 70 Event games and finish the other stats missions in the Program to add Teddy Ballgame to your squad.

Postseason Division Series Event

The Division Series Event has started, and every win counts toward Immortal Feller and Williams.

You can only choose players from teams who made it to the Division Series. We are allowing Legends and Flashbacks from these teams.

Guess pitch (zone) is on during the 3-inning games and you can earn a bunch of streak and cumulative rewards, in addition to the hidden Missions that will pop up in the Program. Get ready to open a lot of packs this Postseason!

The Event ends Thursday, October 11 at noon PT.

Developer Q&A

Q: Is there a Roster Update on Friday, Oct. 5?
A: Yes, it will be the last attribute update based on the regular season. From here, we will be looking at postseason performance to upgrade or downgrade players in the final Roster Update in mid-November.

Q: Will the September Monthly Awards come out on Friday, Oct. 5?
A: Yes. Look for eight new Flashbacks in the Monthly Awards Program, Missions, Pack and Ticket Counter on Friday.

Q: When do the Finest and Postseason Programs come out so I can unlock Immortal Dennis Eckersley and Immortal Mike Trout?
A: We are aiming for late October for the Finest Program (Best of the best players from the 2018 regular season). The Postseason Program will be based on this year’s postseason and will be unveiled in mid-November.

Q: Will more Immortals come out?
A: Yes. An Immortal in the Ticket Counter is scheduled to come out in mid-October and the November Ranked Season will reward an Immortal player in the World Series division, just like the Immortal Ryne Sandberg in the October Ranked Season.