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Play with Legends and Predict Postseason Winners

Play with Legends and Predict Postseason Winners

Play with Legends and Predict Postseason Winners

With the Major League Baseball Postseason about to begin, you can play with new Postseason Series Legends and Flashbacks and predict who will win it all.

Under the Collect tab in Diamond Dynasty, look for the new PLAY AND PREDICT Program in the Timed row.

Make your best guesses throughout the 2018 Postseason to earn rewards in MLB The Show 18.

Right now, the Early Choice World Series Missions are available to choose 1 of the 11 Postseason contenders. Keep in mind that not all teams will make the Postseason. The A.L. Wild Card matchup is set so you can choose between the Athletics and Yankees now. Look for more Missions next week, including the N.L. Wild Card and the Division Series matchups.

 If correct, here are your possible rewards:

  • World Series (Early Choice): 1 Ballin is a Habit pack, 10,000 Stubs, 10,000 XP and 1,000 Tickets
  • World Series: 10-Standard pack bundle, 2,000 Stubs, 2,000 XP and 500 Tickets
  • Championship Series (each series): 3 Standard packs, 1,500 Stubs, 1,000 XP, and 150 Tickets
  • Wild Card & Division Series (each series): 1 Standard pack, 1,000 Stubs, 1,000 XP and 100 Tickets

In addition to the prediction Missions, there are five new Legends and Flashbacks in the PLAY AND PREDICT Program to earn. Start by redeeming the free Postseason Flashback Chris Young at zero percent in the Program Reward screen, and then play his Mission. You will earn the next player item and unlock the next Mission as you advance. All items needed in this Program are provided. 

The final Program reward is Postseason Legend Orel Hershiser from the 1988 season when he recorded four wins, two shutouts, three complete games, with an unbelievable 1.05 ERA in 42.2 IP. It was one of the greatest Postseason pitching performances in MLB history. Go get the “Bulldog!”

New Legends and Flashbacks

Six more Legends and Flashbacks are now available in Standard Packs, Battle Royale and in the Community Market:

Developer Q&A

Q: What is coming out next week as the Major League Baseball Postseason begins?
A: A lot, so stay tuned to and Twitter.

  • Monday: Prediction Missions for the N.L. Wild Card
  • Monday: Postseason edition of Challenge of the Week
  • Tuesday: Set 15 Standard Packs with the Postseason Equipment and Collection
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Double Stubs promotion over these days for the Wild Card Games
  • Wednesday & Thursday: Division Series Prediction Missions
  • Thursday: Division Series Event featuring only Postseason teams; 3 innings
  • Thursday: Two new Immortals to earn through Events
  • Friday: September Monthly Awards
  • Friday: Final regular season Roster Update (there will be a Postseason update in November)
  • And more…

Q: When does the current Ranked Season end?
A: The September Ranked Season ends at midnight ET / 9 p.m. PT on Sunday, Sept. 30. Rewards will be distributed and the October season will begin immediately to earn Immortal Ryne Sandberg, who will be the World Series reward! The reward will not be sellable, so the only way to earn Sandberg is to win and climb the leaderboard. Good luck and enjoy the start of the Postseason!