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Protect your Diamond Dynasty account!

Protect your Diamond Dynasty account!

Protect your Diamond Dynasty account!

We’d like to remind everyone that Sony San Diego Studio will NEVER ask for your password.

We’ve seen several people attempting to impersonate SDS employees, asking users for their login credentials or linking to a fake website asking you to log in with your PSN ID, in return for free packs or stubs.

Here are some warning signs that who you’re talking to is probably phishing for your info:

  • They claim to be from SDS, and offer you free packs or stubs for your username and password.
  • They include links to questionable websites in their messages.

These users are illegitimate and should you encounter them in the wild, please DO NOT respond to them. DO NOT click on any link they may provide you, no matter what they offer you. Report them directly to PlayStation, or you can report them to SDS.

How to report users directly through the PlayStation Messages:

  1. Using the directional pad on your PlayStation controller, select the message and press Options.
  2. From the Options Menu, select Report and follow the onscreen directions from there.

How to report users to Sony San Diego:

  1. Please send an email and all information you have (including screenshots) to

Further security measures: 2-Step Verification

Add an extra layer of protection to your PlayStation account with 2-Step Verification. To learn more, click here


If you think your account has been stolen, please contact PSN Support immediately:


Thank you.