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Conquest Destiny, Roster Update, Silver Studs Event, and Set 12

Conquest Destiny, Roster Update, Silver Studs Event, and Set 12

Conquest Destiny, Roster Update, Silver Studs Event, and Set 12

Conquest Destiny lets you choose your difficulty to dominate the Conquest map with new, weekly Missions. A total of six Diamond Legends and Flashbacks are among the Program’s rewards, plus Stubs, XP and Tickets.


The road to switch-hitting Legend Eddie Murray (Diamond, 94 OVR 1B) will not be easy. Six sets of themed Missions challenge you to conquer different team strongholds using turn-based Missions. Easy Missions can be completed in unlimited turns. Medium Missions must be completed before a certain number of turns, and Hard Missions must be completed in even fewer turns.


Easy Missions: Complete all six Easy Missions to earn two Diamond rewards in the Program.
Medium Missions: Complete all six Medium Missions to earn four Diamond rewards in the Program.
Hard Missions: Complete all six Hard Missions to earn all six Diamond rewards in the Program including Legend Eddie Murray. His player item only can be earned once all six Hard Missions are complete.

Q: Are there Missions for the Diamond player rewards that I earn in the Program?
A: Yes, similar to Conquest Part 1 there will be player Missions that will appear once you redeem the players. Those Mission stats can only be done in Conquest games. 

Q: If I beat all of the Easy Missions, can I play again to attempt the Medium Missions?
A: Yes, the Medium and Hard Missions will still be there. 

Q: If I complete a Hard Mission, do I have to do the Medium and Easy Missions in the same set?
A: No, you will complete the lower difficulties too. Same goes for beating a Medium Mission, you will automatically get credit for the Easy one. Challenge yourself at higher difficulties when you play each Conquest game and you’ll beat the Missions more efficiently to earn Program rewards.

More Missions on Wednesday

The first two sets of Conquest Destiny Missions are available now, which lead to the first two Diamond rewards in the Program. Look for a new set of Easy, Medium and Hard Missions every Wednesday at noon PT through mid-September to earn the next hidden Diamond player in the Program.

Two New Diamonds in Roster Update

This week features more than 100 player attributes updated and two new diamonds!

Watch Ramone and Luis break it down in the video below and check out the entire roster update here.

Silver Studs Event

A power-slugging Legend is the newest reward featured in the Silver Studs Event, which challenges you to win with a Silver and Common Diamond Dynasty team.

Ends: September 6 at Noon PT

Build your squad based on these Event rules:

Silver & Common Players
Max Team Overall: 75 OVR
Min Player Overall: 60 OVR
3-inning games
Free entries!

Cumulative Wins Rewards (earn once)

10 WINS CUMULATIVE: 10-pack bundle of Packs-in-a-Pack
15 WINS CUMULATIVE: 1 Gold Live Series Player (80-84 OVR)
20 WINS CUMULATIVE: 20-pack bundle of Packs-in-a-Pack
25 WINS CUMULATIVE: Hardware Legend Jason Giambi (Diamond, 95 OVR 1B)

Event Wins Per Entry Rewards (repeatable)

3 WINS PER ENTRY: 1 Bronze Live Series Player (65-74 OVR)
6 WINS PER ENTRY: 1 Silver Live Series Player (75-79 OVR)
9 WINS PER ENTRY: 1 Gold Live Series Player (80-84 OVR)
12 WINS PER ENTRY: 1 Diamond Live Series Player (85-89 OVR)

New Packs

Look for All-Star Flashback Jacoby Ellsbury in the new Set 12 packs and bundles, or in the Community Market.

Legend added to the Ticket Counter

A new Diamond Legend starting pitcher is available in the Ticket Counter. Ron Guidry (92 OVR) comes with mid-90s heat and one of the best sliders in the game that has a 99 Break attribute rating. This lefty starter can be acquired in the Ticket Counter at Silver Level 50 for 6,000 Tickets.

Developer Q&A

Q: When is the next Roster Update?
A: The next Roster Update focuses on transactions and is scheduled for Thursday, August 30.

Q: When will I receive rewards for the August Ranked Season?
A: The August Ranked Season ends at midnight ET / 9 p.m. PT on Friday, August 31. You will receive rewards once it ends and the September Ranked Season will begin. Look for more information about the next Ranked Season and Battle Royale Flawless rewards in next Thursday’s blog. 

Q: Can you give us any hints about future content coming to MLB The Show 18?
A: Absolutely! Today’s drop was just the beginning of a steady stream of content for the next few months.

  • First off, new Conquest Destiny Missions arrive every Wednesday at noon PT that let you earn new Program rewards with every drop
  • September call-ups are just around the corner in Major League Baseball, so you know more Future Stars are on the horizon. Tell us who you’d like to see!
  • Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale and Events will continue with new Diamond player rewards
  • As far as other Programs go, August Monthly Awards are coming soon, plus Future Stars, Postseason and the Finest are in the works with even another Immortal or two or...