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Roster Update, 10 Days of Free Packs, and Quick Counts Event

Roster Update, 10 Days of Free Packs, and Quick Counts Event

Roster Update, 10 Days of Free Packs, and Quick Counts Event

This week features our largest roster update of the year, with more than 90 player attributes updated and two new diamonds!

Watch Ramone and Luis break it down in the video below and check out the entire roster update here.


Event With Quick Counts

A Diamond Flashback is the newest reward featured in the N.L. West Immortal Event, which is the first event to have Quick Counts turned on that creates random balls and strikes in every at bat. Even though the games are 9-innings, they will fly by with Quick Counts turned on.

Ends: Thursday, August 23 at Noon PT

Build your squad based on these Event rules:

NL West (Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Rockies, Giants or Padres) or Common Players
Max Team Overall: 73 OVR
Min Player Overall: 60 OVR
9-inning games
Quick Counts: On
Free entries!

Cumulative Wins Rewards (earn once)

Event Wins Per Entry Rewards (repeatable)

  • 3 WINS PER ENTRY: 1 Bronze Live Series Player (65-74 OVR)
  • 6 WINS PER ENTRY: 1 Silver Live Series Player (75-79 OVR)
  • 9 WINS PER ENTRY: 1 Gold Live Series Player (80-84 OVR)
  • 12 WINS PER ENTRY: 1 Diamond Live Series Player (85-89 OVR)

*Exchange Stan Musial Bobbleheads in his Immortal Program to unlock more Missions and Rewards.

New Packs

Packs-in-a-Pack arrive in the Show Shop for the first time in MLB The Show 18!

This pack is packed with more packs. When you open one of the new packs, you will find previously released Standard Packs from Sets 1 through 11. The interesting twist is a chance to find bundles (10, 20 or 50-packs) from Sets 1-11 inside a single pack. Look for exclusive players and equipment from those sets as you open them.

The 20-pack bundle guarantees 1 topper pack containing a previously-released seasonal equipment item such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Camo or All-Star equipment, plus 3 Silver or better player items.

The 50-pack bundle contains 3 topper packs guaranteeing a total of 3 seasonal equipment items, plus 8 Silver or better player items.

Free Packs

Get ready for 10 days of free packs August 11-20!

Look for a Mission every day between Saturday, August 11, to Monday, August 20, in the August Timed Program to redeem one of the new Packs in a Pack.

These redeemable Missions are only available for 24 hours to celebrate our fans and National Baseball Card Day on August 11th. Enjoy!

Developer Q&A

Q: When is the next Roster Update?
A: We are targeting Friday, August 24th, to update roster moves and player attributes.