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All-Star Summer Starts in MLB The Show 18

All-Star Summer Starts in MLB The Show 18

All-Star Summer Starts in MLB The Show 18

All-Star Summer rolls out with Legends, Flashbacks, Events and a special time-limited Program.

The All-Star Program has eight time-limited Missions that expire around the All-Star Game on July 17th. Playing with different American and National League players, winning Event games and collecting All-Star series players are among the requirements to earn All-Star Legend Tony Gwynn and other Flashbacks.

Some of the Flashback players you can earn will come from the three All-Star Packs included in the Program rewards. This pack contains a single Gold All-Star Flashback from the following list:

The Program is available now, but Gwynn can only be earned while there’s time left on the Missions.

Split Squad I Event

Play in the new Split Squad I (One) Event now through July 9th to earn player rewards, including All-Star Flashback Zach Britton.

Build your squad with American League pitchers and infielders (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS) and National League outfielders. There is no limit to team overall in any of the All-Star Summer events!

Flashback Featured in Set 8

Look for All-Star Flashback Carlos Ruiz in the newly-released Set 8 of Standard Packs and bundles in the Show Shop

New Battle Royale Rewards

Legend Yogi Berra and Flashback Miguel Cabrera are the newest Battle Royale Flawless rewards in Diamond Dynasty. Earn them by going undefeated in a single Battle Royale entry (12-0). Both items can be found in the Community Market.

New Legend in July Ranked Season

MLB The Show 18 welcomes the 30th and final, new Legend to this year’s game: Dave Parker. This former MVP appears as the World Series reward for the July season alongside the Stan Musial autographs needed in the Musial Immortal Program.

Ranked Season June ends Saturday at midnight ET / 9 p.m. PT and rewards will be distributed shortly after that time. Then, the July Ranked Season will begin.


Q: Will there be any new content next week?
A: We are planning to roll out new content on Tuesday, July 3rd, ahead of the 4th of July holiday. Look for a Ticket Counter update, plus new All-Star equipment in Set 9 with a Collector Program that features a 95 overall Diamond reward!

There will not be a Roster Update next week, and the June Monthly Awards are scheduled to be released the week of July 9th. The Immortal Moonshot Event begins on Wednesday, July 10, and we plan to have the next Roster Update with attribute changes on Friday, July 13, leading into the All-Star weekend!

Q: Now that the Immortals are being discovered, will I be able to draft them in Battle Royale?
A: Yes. Playing Battle Royale is a great way to test drive those player items, and any others, to see which ones you like best for your perfect lineup.