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Diamond Position Programs and Roster Update with New Rookies

Diamond Position Programs and Roster Update with New Rookies

Diamond Position Programs and Roster Update with New Rookies

Play 12 new Diamond and Gold Position Programs released in MLB The Show 18. Each Program is loaded with Legend and Flashback rewards, which are directly tied to future Career Arc Programs (see Developer Q&A for more details).

By completing these, you will ultimately move closer to reaching the Immortals.

  • Third Base: All-Star Legend Buddy Bell, Diamond 89 OVR, Texas Rangers
  • Relief Pitcher: Breakout Flashback Jake McGee, Diamond 86 OVR, Tampa Bay Rays
  • Starting Pitcher: Breakout Flashback Mat Latos, Diamond 85 OVR, San Diego Padres
  • Starting Pitcher: All-Star Flashback James Shields, Diamond 85 OVR, Tampa Bay Rays
  • Starting Pitcher: Future Star Mike Soroka, Gold 83 OVR, Atlanta Braves
  • Starting Pitcher: Impact Veteran Flashback Jason Hammel, Gold 83 OVR, Chicago Cubs
  • First Base: Breakout Flashback Steve Pearce, Gold 83 OVR, Baltimore Orioles
  • Left Field: All-Star Flashback Melky Cabrera, Gold 83 OVR, San Francisco Giants
  • Shortstop: Rookie Flashback Mike Aviles, Gold 81 OVR, Kansas City Royals
  • Second Base: Breakout Flashback Matt Carpenter, Gold 81 OVR, St. Louis Cardinals
  • Second Base: All-Star Flashback Rickie Weeks, Gold 80 OVR, Milwaukee Brewers
  • Catcher: All-Star Flashback Jason Castro, Gold 80 OVR, Houston Astros

Similar to other Position Programs, complete different stats Missions, exchange players and exchange souvenirs (hats, jerseys, bobbleheads and autographs).

Rookies Debut in Roster Update

MLB The Show 18 welcomes two highly-anticipated rookies appearing in this week’s Roster Update, along with attribute changes to 40+ players. You can now add these rookies to your lineup: Juan Soto, a 19-year-old outfielder on the Washington Nationals, and Cardinals reliever Jordan Hicks, who can throw more than 100 miles-per-hour!

Watch Ramone and Luis break down the rest of this week’s Roster Update, and check out the full Roster Update here.


New Missions in June Timed Program

Check the June Timed Program for new Missions to play with Monthly Awards series players, and to rack up wins in Battle Royale and Conquest. These missions will allow you to complete the program even if you missed some of the earlier Time Limited missions around Father’s Day and the MLB Draft. Just remember, all of these Missions expire at the end of the month.

Developer Q&A

Q: How close are we to the new Career Arc Programs?
A: Almost there. We are putting the finishing touches on all 12 of the new Career Arc Programs. Today’s drop of a dozen Position Programs sets the table for you to complete every Career Arc once they become available, so get those Position Programs done ASAP.

Each Career Arc contains three versions of the featured Legend or Flashback, meaning 36 new player rewards will debut in these 12 Programs. Look for more details, reveals and a developer Twitch stream next week!

We mentioned in last week’s Q&A that these new Career Arc Programs will be challenging, but Souvenirs will stick to the trend of the latest Position Programs where all team-specific Souvenirs (autographs, jerseys, hats, bobbleheads) will be accepted if they match the player’s teams. We can also tell you that extra Souvenir rewards can be earned in each Program as you play through the Missions.

Q: What is the next Diamond Dynasty Event after the Immortal A.L. West Event ends on Thursday, June 28 at noon PT?
A: There will be several All-Star themed events coming up, and we will talk more about those in the upcoming Twitch stream along with the Career Arc Programs. One of last year’s Events will be making a return from orbit.