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June Rewards, New Programs, and Ticket Counter Diamonds

June Rewards, New Programs, and Ticket Counter Diamonds

June Rewards, New Programs, and Ticket Counter Diamonds

Flashback David Wright headlines the June Ranked Season rewards along with the Stan Musial autographed baseball souvenirs needed in the Musial Immortal Program.

Earn the Musial autographs by reaching the Division Series (1 baseball), Championship Series (2 baseballs) and World Series divisions (3 baseballs), plus other players, packs, Universal Profile nameplates, Stubs, XP and Ticket rewards.

The June season begins tonight at midnight ET / 9 p.m. PT, and ends June 30.

Battle Royale Flawless Rewards

A two-time MVP shortstop and a 9-time All-Star pitcher join the Battle Royale Flawless rewards.

Hardware Legend Ernie Banks and All-Star Legend Juan Marichal can be earned in Battle Royale by going undefeated (12-0) in a single entry, in addition to the other previously released Flawless reward player items. 

Ticket Counter Update

Two new Diamond Flashbacks are available in the Ticket Counter

All-Star Flashback Chris Archer (3,100 Tickets) and All-Star Flashback Zack Cozart (2,450 Tickets) are available if you have reached Silver level zero in your Universal Profile.

Extra Base Hits

We’ve heard your feedback on hitting missions, specifically about doubles and triples, so we developed a new mission stat called XBH (Extra Base Hits), which counts doubles, triples and home runs. For future missions, we plan to use this stat category more often so you don’t stop rounding the bases at second when you could have gone to third in order to fulfill a doubles mission. Home runs will continue to be a featured stat, but XBH will be used in place of doubles and triples more frequently.

We don’t plan to make changes to past Missions requiring one of those stats because many of you have already completed those difficult challenges. While tough, they are not impossible, no matter what your friends may say about the Bronze George Brett.

This small change was one of several community requests that we have been working on post-launch, and we hope it improves your experience in MLB The Show 18. The new XBH stat is featured in new Position Programs and the June Timed Program, which you can read about below.

New Position Programs

Play four new Position Programs to earn rewards, including a Diamond Legend and three more Gold Flashbacks in Diamond Dynasty. These are the featured players in this week’s Programs:

  • First Baseman: Breakout Legend Eric Karros, Diamond 85 OVR, Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Catcher: All-Star Flashback Miguel Montero, Gold 81 OVR, Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Right Field: All-Star Flashback Mark Trumbo, Gold 80 OVR, Baltimore Orioles
  • Closing Pitcher: All-Star Flashback Trevor Rosenthal, Gold 80 OVR, St. Louis Cardinals

Each of the new Position Programs requires you to achieve different stats Missions, exchange players and exchange souvenirs (hats, jerseys, bobbleheads and autographs). These Programs will tie into future Career Arc Programs, which will be needed to earn the Immortals.

June Timed Program

Look for the new June Program to accumulate hitting and pitching stats to earn up to 10,000 Stubs this month, plus other packs!

Time-limited Missions for the MLB Draft (June 4-6) and Father’s Day Weekend (June 15-17) are included. We plan to add other Missions throughout the month in case you miss out on a few of the weekend missions.

Developer Q&A

Q: When is the next Roster Update?
A: There was not a Roster Update this week, but look for one next Friday, June 8. That update will have transactions and the player attribute upgrades and downgrades.

Q: When is the next Event?
A: Look for a new Event to begin on Wednesday, June 6 with a new Breakout Flashback Justin Upton reward.  After that one, a new Immortal Event will appear in mid-June where you can earn more Stan Musial bobbleheads needed in his Immortal Program.