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Patch 1.10 Notes Extended

Patch 1.10 Notes Extended

Patch 1.10 Notes Extended

When approaching gameplay changes within MLB The Show, we gather and digest feedback from all communication channels, types of players, and data gathered from millions of games played by you - the community. The goal of analyzing this data is to create a better experience for everyone, which has admittedly presented us with new challenges given that we have a new and large contingency of online competitive players. We've always strived to make the most realistic simulation baseball game on the market, and we've come to realize that some of our simulation systems have adverse effects in the online competitive environment.

We believe it's important that online competitive play is predicated on fair and balanced gameplay emphasizing user skill. On that note, we have been actively evaluating and testing changes internally that reduce certain simulation components in order to better achieve our competitive goals, while still maintaining the components that accurately simulate Major League Baseball. 

With that said, we'd like to take a moment and talk about some of the changes you'll be seeing in the latest patch.

Patch 1.10 Highlights

  • Adjustments made to the range of PCI movement outside of the strike zone on all difficulties beyond Rookie. Veteran is allowed 1.5 inches. All Star, Hall of Fame, and Legend is allowed 3 inches.
    • Notes:  We noticed some hit-type issues with balls low in the zone, which is likely one of the driving factors of the current pitching meta. Players will able to extend their PCI below the zone allowing them to generate new hit types (eg: line drives, fly balls, etc...) Extending the range will also allow for better delineation of player skill with pitches just outside of the zone. See the examples below:




  • In two-player games, hit types will more closely match PCI input (after timing, attributes and all other factors are involved). Single-player is unaffected.
    • Notes: This is a slight reduction of simulation aspects that we mentioned earlier that could have pushed a hit type up or down two categories based on the hitters fly-ball or ground-ball tendencies. To clarify, we haven't completely removed those tendencies, but they have been reduced to better match the results of your inputs. Remember, there are a lot variables that go into every hit ball.


  • Slightly smaller PCI coverage, affecting weak hits and tip fouls. Does not affect solid region of the PCI.  This change affects all modes.
    • Notes: We made this change in response to not only the feedback we've been hearing but also in response to the current meta and our own data analysis. The change will inevitably induce more swing-and-misses especially for low vision/contact hitters. Remember that the PCI does not represent the barrel of the bat. 

(In this example we showcase Mark Reynolds 80 OVR, Adam Jones 86 OVR All-Star Flashback)


  • Accuracy improvement for Swing Analysis PCI feedback, especially when swinging early outside or late inside. This affects the visual OSD only and not game play or results.
    • Notes: Keep in mind that even within ‘Good’ timing feedback, you can be slightly early or late – when early outside or late inside, this triggers a small power penalty and moves the PCI slightly. 


  • Smaller PCI and slightly increased pitch speeds in Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, and Events. 
    • Notes: This change is the culmination of community feedback and data analysis from the limited time events and Battle Royale tests that were run previously. NOTE: This change will not go live in BR until later in the afternoon PT on Thursday, May 24th. 


Patch 1.10 Quality of life and misc changes

As discussed on the previous stream, we've been working on implementing a series of "quality of life" changes. This is the beginning stages and your feedback has been instrumental, with more changes to come. 

  • Users will no longer be penalized for quickly re-entering the pause menu in BR games. 
  • Users will now be prompted to pinch hit in BR when a pitcher steps up to the plate. 
  • Created Players in Diamond Dynasty will now accurately show stats above 99 while in game. Note: equipment bonuses will not display in the front end DD menus.
  • Fixed certain stats within the Universal Profile that were showing incorrect values (Offensive: H, R, HR, SB. Defensive: H, ER, K, HR, BB).  Users may see these stats have reset, but will now record correctly.


Patch 1.10 is scheduled for Thursday, May 24th at 3AM PT and this isn't the last patch we plan to deploy for The Show 18. This is an ongoing process and we are already thinking about the next set of improvements.

We'd love for you to join the discussion and let us know what you think. Click here for the post patch discussion thread on the forums.