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New Roster Update Focuses on Players' Hot and Cold Starts

New Roster Update Focuses on Players' Hot and Cold Starts

New Roster Update Focuses on Players' Hot and Cold Starts

The Roster Update features a new Diamond pitcher, 28 new players added (including several rookies) and around 300 roster transactions.

Many players jumped up a tier in Diamond Dynasty, and these are some notable upgrades:

Pitcher Tier Changes

Hitter Tier Changes

…and there were dozens of other player upgrades or downgrades including Carlos Correa, Shohei Ohtani (pitching, hitting and speed!), Manny Machado and Clayton Kershaw. The Yankees’ top prospect, Gleyber Torres, also makes his MLB The Show 18 debut!

Check out the Roster Update section for more details.

Important note: If you don’t see players on this week’s roster who were recently called up to the Majors, that’s because we are awaiting approval to add them to MLB The Show 18. Keep an eye on future Roster Updates.

Standard Packs - Set 3

Set 3 is now in the Show Shop! Look for All-Star Flashback Yu Darvish with a wicked curveball in the newly-released packs and bundles.

Developer Q&A

Q: When will you release more Diamond Dynasty Programs, especially the remaining Position Programs to finish Career Arcs?
Let’s talk about what will come out first.

On Tuesday, May 1st , the May Timed Program will begin with new stats Missions, several time-sensitive Missions, and a total of 10,000 Stubs to earn during the month plus packs, XP and Tickets. We mentioned in the last developer stream that more Position Programs will be released over the coming weeks to help finish the current Career Arc Programs. We will provide updates in May as we near the release of those Programs.

Q: Will Monthly Awards Flashbacks be returning?
A: Yes. For those unfamiliar with Monthly Awards Flashbacks, we look back at last month’s player stats and select Flashbacks for several of the hottest hitters and pitchers. The one thing to note is that we usually look for players who outperform their Live Series ratings. For instance, if Aaron Judge hits 10 home runs in a month – while impressive – it’s not unexpected based on his current Live Series power ratings. Therefore, he wouldn’t be a good candidate for a Monthly Awards Flashback this year. However, when a Bronze pitcher throws a no-hitter, that’s a feat that catches our eye. Timing is usually the first Friday of the new month, but can always change, especially if a month ends near the first Friday.

Q: Are you making changes to PCI (Plate Coverage Indicator) or to pitch speeds?
PCI and Pitch speed changes are in the works. We have no ETA at this time but it is a priority for us.