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Team Epics Arrive, 120 New Rewards, and more...

Team Epics Arrive, 120 New Rewards, and more...

Team Epics Arrive, 120 New Rewards, and more...

The largest content drop in MLB The Show history is here and you can start by redeeming 30 FREE Legends and Flashbacks in new Diamond Dynasty Programs!

Each of the Team Epics Programs features a redeemable Flashback or Legend at the start. Once you redeem the player, add him to your lineup and begin the Team Epic Missions. In all, there are more than 300 Missions and 120 player rewards to earn throughout the Team Epics!

Along the way, you will have to face Division and Interleague rivals and exchange team-specific autograph baseballs and bobbleheads. Each Team Epic Program rewards four Legend or Flashback player items, plus souvenirs, Stubs, XP and Tickets. 

We’re excited to announce the Team Epics are directly linked to earning Immortals with new Missions. Once you finish five Team Epics, exchange those Program souvenirs to earn +5% bonus progress in a single Immortal Program. With 30 possible Program souvenirs to acquire, it means you can complete the exchanges in six different Immortal Programs and move closer to the best players in Diamond Dynasty!

Ticket Counter Update

There’s a new Legend Vlad card! His Rookie Series player item enters the Ticket Counter and can be acquired for 1,600 Tickets if your Universal Profile Level is Bronze 50 or above. Enjoy throwing out runners with that cannon arm!

In addition to the new Rookie Vlad, we're also making adjustments to the preexisting slots in the Ticket Counter. Here's a breakdown of the changes that will make it easier for you to play with the Legends and Flashbacks exclusive to the Ticket Counter:

  • Silver Level 0 slot has been lowered to Bronze Level 50 (and there might have been a new player added to that slot)
  • Bronze Level 50 slot has been lowered to Bronze Level 15

Timed Missions

  • Sunday, April 15: Play in the 24-hour Jackie Robinson Day Mission found in Robinson’s Immortal Program.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday, April 17-18: Play in different Missions found in the April Timed Program.

Roster Update

The first roster update with player attributes changes is scheduled for late April.