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Souvenir Updates, Event Mission, Packs Set 2, and more...

Souvenir Updates, Event Mission, Packs Set 2, and more...

Souvenir Updates, Event Mission, Packs Set 2, and more...

Changes to Souvenir Exchanges

We’ve been reading and listening to all of the great feedback from the community regarding souvenirs. We realize that souvenirs often act as a barrier to progress, instead of functioning as a building block on your path to building the team of your dreams. With that said, we have some changes to announce regarding souvenirs. First, we’ve adjusted all of the souvenir exchange missions in the positional programs to allow you to exchange any of the team related items. As an example, Plouffe’s Program souvenir exchanges now allow you to exchange any Twins hat instead of just the road hat. This will allow for more flexibility and freedom to exchange whichever relevant souvenirs you may have. Second, we’ve added in 10 new souvenir exchange missions into The Exchange. These new souvenir exchange missions will allow you to exchange any souvenirs into a specific category of souvenirs. As a singular example, you can take some unwanted bobble heads and autographed balls and exchange them for hats. With these new souvenir exchange missions, you’ll be able to quickly and easily swap souvenirs and exchange them for more desirable items to help you progress. 

Finally, the aforementioned changes are just the first in a pending wave of upcoming changes related to souvenirs. As previously mentioned, we want to make sure that souvenirs are a building block to building an amazing team in Diamond Dynasty, and not a gate that prevents you from progressing. As such, we’ll have a number of different ways to utilize souvenirs to better your team in quick, non-program related ways, in the near future.

Roster Transactions

Check the Roster Update section for the latest MLB roster moves. This week’s roster is focused on call-ups and position changes. Player attributes will be updated in the next roster update (late April) after players have amassed a solid sample size of stats in the 2018 season.

Standard Packs - Set 2

Look for Flashback Edwin Encarnacion in the newly-released Set 2 of Standard Packs and bundles in the Show Shop.

Event Mission

Earn a Standard Pack, XP, Stubs and Tickets in a new Event-only Mission. Check the April Program to find a timed Opening Week Event Mission which requires 5 event wins by the deadline of April 10 at noon PT. 

Where are the Team Epics?

They are on the way to Diamond Dynasty. Stay tuned for more info on the Programs for all 30 MLB teams with 300+ Missions and 100+ rewards of Legend and Flashback players. 

The Show Nation Updates

A few updates have been pushed live to the Show Nation this morning.

  • User inventory has returned to The Show Nation. You can access it by clicking on your username up in the top right. 
  • Orders in the "My Orders" screen now have links to the specific card listings.
  • User-to-User ignore: If you feel someone is being toxic, or not contributing to in a healthy way to the community, please flag their posts and ignore the user. You can access the ignore feature by clicking on the arrow next to their name and... poof! No more toxicity! You can manage your ignore listen in your Profile page. 

Please let us know what you think of the changes made, both in game and here at The Show Nation! Feedback is always welcome.