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#SonyPartners Moments

Play #SonyPartners Moments featuring your favorite MLB The Show 19 content creators: Koogs, Healy, Shelfy, Fuzzy, Quash, Mills, Clutch, Sporer and Twin!

  • Defeat the nine #SonyPartners with your Diamond Dynasty squad in a 3-inning game.
  • Win a game from the 6th inning with Healy, Twin, and Sporer in your bullpen.
  • Make a comeback win in the bottom of the 9th with Koogs, Shelfy, and Clutch due up.
  • Beat Signature Series Clayton Kershaw and his friends in the Polo Grounds with the nine #SonyPartners.
  • And many more…

Share your replays and stories as you experience these new, custom Moments.