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Requesting Jordan Hicks pitch velocities (and stats) be updated to reflect his real life pitching style/ability. 

His primary pitch is the two seam sinker (sinker in game), which he throws at around 101 mph (maxes out at 105 mph). My main issue is that in the show he throws this pitch at around 94-96, which takes away from his primary value as a hard throwing sinker baller. 

His secondary pitch is the slider which is in the upper 80s (correct in game).

Third pitch is a 4seam fastball which averages around 103 mph (he rarely throws this). I think it maxes out at 101 in game. 

And his fourth pitch is a changeup in the mid 80s (very rarely throws). This pitch isn’t available in game. 

Hes also much better than his rating in game reflects. His hits per 9 and HR per nine should be increased. His biggest weakness is control. 

Open to thoughts, but given that Jordan Hicks is one of the best and most powerful arms in the Cardinals bullpen, I think the game should be updated to reflect this. 

4/11/2019 6:08AM PDT

I don't think they want to break the game by introducing the ability to throw a pitch 105mph.

I get that they should potentially up the mph on the pitch(es) that he consistently hits triple digits on but in the overall scheme of things I don't think they should over do it.

4/11/2019 10:14AM PDT
See original thread.