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Proof that you can’t fix douche folks..

Comment by necessaryninja31
7/13/2019 7:08AM PDT

See this is what I'm talking about. This isnt even a troll. This a weak playground attempt to goad me into responding to you. 

Sure it worked this time, but you really are boring the crap out me. You can ask the other weak trolls, Darth still foloows me around and posts all the time, I just dont see it. 

If you would like for me to continue to read your posts, please make them interesting. 

You're free to post whatever you wish, it's not hurting mu feelings. I've been called much worse by much better. 

Boring troll is boring. 

7/13/2019 7:13AM PDT

This thread could use a bump ninja. You going to stop being boring at some point here?

Either way I need a break, make sure to bump this for me while I'm gone. Thanks in advance. I want EVERYBODY to see this. 

7/13/2019 7:19AM PDT

Proof that you can’t fix douche folks..

Comment by necessaryninja31
7/13/2019 7:08AM PDT

So disappointed ninja, I have to come bump this myself. 

Also qeltar, I see that 1 like. I see you qeltar. 

7/13/2019 8:05AM PDT

The update is up above guys, theres also been a glorious development in the qeltar drama if you've been following that. 

Either way congrats guys. We made a lot of stubs and exposed Qeltar Quicksell, or QQ for short. 

7/13/2019 8:07AM PDT

Still 4,000 potm packs in the store. I do think those move a little quicker once we get to the end of their offering. So I do think new packs are coming shortly. Start being careful with your buys if you're out flipping. Theres still excellent sale prices for anybody who bought earlier in the week. 

7/13/2019 8:12AM PDT

Alright guys I've decided enough is enough. I've made my point. 

I apologize to anybody who took offense to my actions.  That was not me, those of you who have real conversations with me have seen a very very different side to me recently. I was playing a role because I was asked to.  While i do apologize for my actions I am in no way regretful. He did ask for that, literally. 

I'm sorry for clogging up the forums with my childish bs. I didn't really mean for everybody else to become a casualty of drama. 

I'm going to stick around for the weekend but I'll stay in my lane in my thread, I'm just finishing up the advice I started. I'll do as much of it PM as I can so as not to berate the rest of you any further.

An extra apology goes out to people who were actually reading my thread for market advice. Sorry for making you sift through my bs to get to my gold. 

After this weekend I'm leaving the forums, so rejoice!  Your time with me is near an end and you may all breathe a sigh of relief


7/13/2019 8:24AM PDT

Going to skip the update today unless they release a pack later or something drastic changes. If that happens maybe check back but if they dont everything looks good for flipping. 

This is my last post unless they release a pack.  I will be quitting the game/forums after today.  Feel free to drop a PM if you have any last questions. 

It was fun while it lasted, hope everybody made some stubs and picked up some roster additions this week. You guys gave me a lot of good advice in return for mine, just wanted you guys to know its appreciated. I've developed into a better hitter over the course of the year, in large part because of others help and advice. I'm still a horrible hitter, but that's not your fault, I just have the batters eye of mr magoo on hallucinogens.  

Thanks to cardinal nation for representing the greatest team in MLB history. And thank you to all the other fans, extra shout out to the rivals, for all the playful banter.  

Theres a 50 50 chance that the trolls come out in force simply because I made a public post again. If they do just ignore them and drop me a PM.  I will concede now that TACO CAT has already won the thread. I doubt that keeps them out though, they do adore me, I was their poster child for 5 days, it comes with the territory.  

Thanks again to all the people who made my time more enjoyable, you know who you are. If you play other esports games feel free to drop me a PM with a throw away email address I can contact you at. Do it on an account I've already been talking to you on so I can identify who is who and ignore the rest.  But I typically keep one sports game in the library and I'm usually a decent marketer in any game I touch. I will not be purchasing madden or the show ever again so not for those 2 games. So I guess it's just basketball, hockey, and soccer at this point. 

Make sure to pay it forward on any advice I've ever given. These games are ten times more fun when you can afford a favorite player or two, if my advice helped at all, all I ask is that you pay it forward to the next player. 

Good luck out there






7/14/2019 7:09AM PDT

On the contrary, a massive oversupply means they won't come up very much again. Anytime there's a huge supply on the market like this created, those cards are never going to be worth squat, especially when you can get better players for dirt cheap throughout the market.

Your analysis on this one is totally wrong, I guarantee it.

Comment by tfrog76
7/12/2019 9:53PM PDT

Just like to point out that I've already sold a muncy just under 12 and a Castillo just under 13.  And there was definitely a slight turn around Saturday night. Looks like they're dropping for now so you still have a chance to be right on 1 of the 3 cards. I'm still betting I'm right next Saturday. 


Lol sorry I just couldnt help myself.  

I'm out for good now have a good one guys. 

Also I've seen a huge stack of orders directly at the 10k spot this entire time.  It could just be a coincidence that at least one person has been trying to keep them under 10k lol. And it still didnt work. 

7/15/2019 4:43AM PDT

I'm not having success with my ASG Gallo and I know he's a popular commodity, would it be best to flip him now or hold onto him awhile? 

7/15/2019 6:44AM PDT

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