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Noon Saturday update:

BTW, for more regular updates, join us on the Discord channel. It's easier to paste images there so I do it when I think of it.

Finally some signs of life in the market! :) SDS inexplicably didn't update the stats on the POTM cards and the community has mostly given them a collective "meh." After a week of constant declines, people seemed to be holding their breath in anticipation of another downturn on Friday. There actually was one, but it was small and very short-lived, after which it seems people decided it was safe to come out and play a bit. :)

The recovery has been modest but is actually a bit better than it looks because of the ASG base cards tanking from their previous values. Those were a great deal yesterday at under 6k, especially Muncy. They don't have a huge upside potential because of how many are now circulating, but they are still worth looking at.

The 4th inning bosses finally are showing some movement as well. Not setting the world on fire, but at least they are all over 50k now. There are still people finishing this program so there's time to get in on these. I really feel these are "herd mentality" cards -- once they start to move, everyone will then try to get in on them. And once they start teasing 5th inning cards, they will start to move. They aren't as cheap as they were but they're not bad.

I would not expect a huge runup in the market this weekend. There are people looking to spend but also a lot of cards to choose from. There are also lots of people looking to cash out profits on any move to the upside. Beware especially of overpaying for cards that are likely to go back down. For example, Jansen was at 127/110 this morning, and I would not buy that card at that level.

There are around 3,500 POTM packs as I write this. I don't expect they'd drop a pack on a weekend but it could happen. Monday or Tuesday seems more likely. We'll see.

Have fun out there folks. :)

PS If you haven't opened your 4th inning boss pack yet and don't want a card from it to use, don't open it. If and when these cards go up next week, you have flexibility to open it if one spikes above the others.

7/13/2019 9:17AM PDT


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Comment by T29533
7/13/2019 11:08AM PDT

A man, a plan, a canal, Panama. :)

7/13/2019 3:17PM PDT


Strong rally yesterday, stronger than I expected to be honest. And today looks poised to go up more in the short run.

But I'd urge caution before buying any big cards in here, folks. The market has now gone up around 12% over the last 48 hours. For context, it went up around 16% due to the stub sale (but more quickly). And that didn't hold.

Markets alternate being driven by greed and fear. After several weeks of fear, people seem to feel pretty confident now that things will keep going up forever -- but they won't.

The accountants who run SDS are probably not going to let the store sit with no special packs for an entire week. I expect to see a pack Monday or Tuesday, either something new or a rehash of something that was popular before. If it's anything good, the usual will commence.. dumping and crashing. Even if not, there are a lot of folks who are happy to take some profits at this point.

The 5th inning bosses are probably still the safest bets. They are up, but not as much as some, and the 5th inning hype has yet to really begin.

Good luck whatever you decide to do!

7/14/2019 9:55AM PDT

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