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Seeing bigger gaps lately helping flipping.  You agree?

4/13/2019 4:47AM PDT

I've found flipping a bit tougher this year. I'm still having success, but there are less good margins and generally less card options to flip, at least at this point. It seems like there are 5 people actively watching and 1 stubbing every good margin out there. It was especially bad over the weekend actually, I honestly think there's a contingent of people that don't even play the game and simply stare at the market all day long. I don't mind doing that during work hours, just can't imagine spending my weekends that way.

That said, I'm about 40k stubs away from completing all collections(except FA). I would probably be able to complete them tomorrow but I figure on building up some cushion and finishing them Wednesday or Thursday...before the update. So there are definitely stubs to be made.

4/15/2019 7:33AM PDT
See original thread.