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Why, exactly, does SDS require we pay a "tax" when selling in the community market? I never understood that. Does anyone know the legit answer? 

4/3/2019 5:01PM PDT

Cuz murica

1. Money

2. Story time: MLB 15 had a stub glitch that some found, fine and dandy but the perfect storm happened around independence day with stars and stripes gear and tax free weekend that lead to the stub sellers and glitchers completely demolishing the market beyond repair to where every item was 999999 stubs due to the inflation...since the debacle they've imposed a 500k limit (since removed) and anti cheat measures to track large transactions outside of a cards usual range. The stupid limit they put on prices this year further shrinks the price gap and forces you to buy more stubs since flipping has become harder. The tax was increased from 5% to 10% also from 15 to 16 due to the stars and stripes debacle

Comment by greenbuk75
4/4/2019 9:36AM PDT

Yep I remember that. Was that the glitch where someone would bid on a card and cancel it online and in the game to get refunded twice?

4/4/2019 10:58AM PDT
See original thread.