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Trying to Vocalize my Franchise mode feedback to San Diego Studio. Here is my list. Not all users are RTTS and DD.

  • You currently have two mode Manual and Auto... When set to Manual, the CPU should never make changes to your roster andespecially lineups , send players up or down or release players for your franchise. Maybe add an assisted mode which currently what Manual does. The current manual mode is not manual.
  • there are different modes, rookie, veteran, all-star, MVP. the modes are not explained in as far as what to expect from each mode. Rookie is way too easy, veteran as well... The Dynamic setting is awesome but irritating with too many updates as it's being used.
  • Why is Mr. Red in the Game but no gapper or Mr redlegs? The reds mascot in the game is the stuff of living nightmares.
  • maybe have a scenario in Franchise and RTTS where a player can hold out or fire their agent or demand a new contract.
  • maybe have a mode for once you start a franchise to import players from either RTTS or Diamond Dynasty.
9/18/2019 12:50PM PDT

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