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I just simulated a full season by pressing 'advance day's about 95% of the time and doing quick manage like 2 of 3 times. 2nd year of a fantasy draft and Acuna went off for the best individual season I've ever seen on one of my teams in Franchise mode.

At the all star break he had 33 home runs, 96 RBI, and nearly 100 runs batting 3rd in the lineup. Injuries were on but he stayed healthy the entire year.

Here's how he ended the season:

.333 average; 48 home runs; 166 RBI; 121 Runs; 41 doubles; 9 triples; 82 walks; 128 strikeouts; 15 stolen bags; .422 OBP; .691 SLG; 1.113 OPS

Really though I'd see close to 60 bombs by the end of the season but he slowed down a bit and the BA dropped from over .350 at the all star break down to .333 to end the season. But this is the most production I've ever gotten from one batter on my Franchise team doing a full simulated season, not playing one game. Wouldnt you guess he shits the bed in the playoffs with a .179 average and 2 RBIs hahaha. Lost in 6 in the ALCS

8/12/2019 2:57PM PDT

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