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I am in June ! The Roster updates should be implemented to an active Franchise Season! I started over once ! Add the Trade Deadline to current Franchise season !! Not having to start all over again!! 

8/8/2019 12:37AM PDT

I get wanting to play with the legit rosters but I don't think this would work for franchise. Only because this would have to reset all transactions that have already been made in the franchise. Maybe they could allow you to import new players added to the game into their teams minors or something. I started a RTTS right when the game was released and ended up restarting because it didn't have Vlad Jr and other rookies. Or they could allow you to to force trades between the CPU teams and you could do it yourself. I don't see any harm in that because it's a offline mode.

8/8/2019 12:44AM PDT

There is not a single sport game that allows this to happen because of all the changes that occur during the course of your franchise that would have to be nullified (trades, injuries, players ratings going up and down, roster moves).

8/8/2019 5:20AM PDT

This question seemingly gets asked a ton in this forum. No you cannot use rosters in a Franchise that has already started. Idt that's a possibility in any sports game ever.

It'd be nice of course, but incredibly hard to do. Really not worth the disc space tbh

8/12/2019 9:19AM PDT

At a minimum, I wish they would allow you to update ratings on an in-progress franchise. They could leave the same +/-'s based on age/progression/regression, just add in the new attributes as the baseline.

8/12/2019 11:14AM PDT

The roster does not update while you are in your season... depending on your settings you and/or the CPU can make moves and changes to the rosters while the season progresses which is why it would be difficult to do something like that... I'm sure they could make a mode like that where you can play an actual season with live rosters but that would limit you to playing along with the season which would probably be a drag personally... the only way to keep the rosters updated personally is to get the closest roster you can find that has the real minor leagues like the Full Minors rosters... used to be called OSFM but I want to say they changed the name of the roster this year as I don't think they are working under the "Operation Sports" banner anymore... you'd then need to set your settings up to where you have full team control over every teams rosters and then make the necessary roster changes during the season as you see fit if you want your season to mirror the real season as much as possible... as I'd imagine you are mainly talking about major roster moves like the trades that happened near and at the deadline and major callups from the minors like Vlad Jr, etc.


The closest mode that allows you to play along with the season is exhibition Play Live which is great when its updated properly but sometimes a player might not be in the game as of yet, for example I imagine that the day of Vlad Jr's debut he wasn't in the game yet to use that day.

8/12/2019 11:49AM PDT

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