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Would anyone else like to see the 125 attribute cap added to franchise? At first I was not a fan of it, but after playing DD the last two years with it I have changed my mind about it. I like the difference it creates in players. I personally like to play franchise mode and enjoy adding the legends to their teams before starting and I think the 125 cap would be awesome. The stamina of guys like Ryan, Gibson, Young, and the older guys should be significantly higher than the modern guys like it is in DD. It's not a huge deal, just thought it would be a nice addition to franchise mode.

8/4/2019 3:13PM PDT

I agree. I thought it was daft at first, too, but have changed my mind a bit after dabbling in DD (offline). I love messing around in Franchise with different rosters, doing fantasy drafts etc and I think the 125 attribute cap would definitely have a place.

It could really help to differentiate between different types of players from different eras - as you say - along with making the superstars and legends of the game stand out from other players on the roster.

An alternative would be to create a roster with a lot of player attributes reduced, but this would be a time investment I'm not necessarily prepared to invest. I know that a fella in the Madden/YouTube community does this sort of thing for Madden (can't remember his name!). 

Anyway - a cool idea, ryan_3_dupree.

8/5/2019 5:51AM PDT

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