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As the title suggests I along with anyone who still plays Franchise at this point would love custom teams and custom stadiums as it’s been said millions of times. But what I would also want to advocate for is more options with settings in starting a Franchise that may or may not be easy to happen in next years game? 

Me personally I’d love the idea of being a baseball commissioner for the league (obviously control every team I get it) some ideas being maybe the option of how many games in a year, or to get rid of certain parts of the postseason like pre 2012 away with the wildcard game or pre 1994 away with the divisional series or even really old baseball with just the best team record from each league to play in the World Series. Or add games to each series? Like a 7 game series for the divisonal round since we can do this in postseason mode and not Franchise. And since we have to keep the current MLB teams the game has but have the chance to realign our own National League and American League either to a previous version or a completely new idea? I’d really appreciate the freedom to create a East vs West MLB or return the league previous to 2013 I get my ideas walk a fine line between being too easy to add to Franchise mode or just not being worth the time to add to Franchise mode. Just want anyone to at least consider for approval.

6/18/2019 12:35AM PDT

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