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I haven’t really played franchise mode in a few years. I’m thinking about starting one this year but I want to do one with all the Legends that are in the game and do a fantasy draft. (Tigers are unplayable). 

My question is if I upload the Legends will they add duplicate Legends since they all have more than one card in DD? I know in 2k this happens and it’s very annoying having like 4 MJ’s in the league. 

Does anyone have a good Legend roster they recommend? Or how should I got about doing it so there’s only one of each Legend in the league. 

4/15/2019 12:32PM PDT

You can use in frachise, in fact Cal Ripken is the starting SS for my Jays, never used the fantasy draft before though.

4/15/2019 12:45PM PDT
See original thread.