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It might save me time if I just copy and paste this post because this is year four of complaining about it and sending in bug reports. 

Major League Postseason eligibility is that any play who is in the organization by August 31st is eligible for a postseason roster. The Show currently has players on the major league roster as of August 31st are the only ones eligible for playoffs. This has not been the rule for YEARS and it still has not been fixed. Not only is it stupid to have to pick your playoff roster in August, it also means you're screwed if someone gets injured in September because there has been a glitch where you can't replace that player and have to play in the postseason with 24 guys. I haven't had that exact scenario come up yet in 19 but considering this hasn't been touched, I'd assume it's the same. 

My hopes are so low for this getting addressed at this point that I'm not sure I should have bothered but I am the Watcher on this Wall apparently.

4/11/2019 7:29PM PDT


I’ve not understood the relationship between roster expansion and playoff eligibility until now because it’s been too intimidating and TL:DR (thank you for your post @TWBruz and link @AceWigSplitta, you basically got me across the line and now I get it!).

My question is therefore does the game behave like it should? Are any 40 man roster players eligible for postseason rosters? In my previous franchise seasons I didn’t get it so I don’t know. Also I’m not at home to sim one as a test.

From memory the requirement to submit a 25 man roster prior to each postseason round is not in the game so this would make a great addition.

And in relation to the original post, if it doesn’t behave like it should, then that needs to change. I know there’s a lot of supposedly ‘easy fixes’ floating around these forums from people who don’t know how complex it would be, but this one is an easy fix. Sorted in a few days work. Hopefully we will see it in 20 when Franchise mode gets the attention it deserves and needs.

However..... unfortunately fixing little incremental things like this doesn’t sell games so if it takes dev time away from new sellable features or income generating opportunities it’s hard to justify it to the powers that be and therefore probably not going to happen.

Please prove me wrong devs.

4/11/2019 9:56PM PDT
See original thread.