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Was in a RTTS game and the opposition had a center fielder that was wearing a catcher's mask and the catcher was sitting there with no mask.  My batter had no helmet and the first base man had the wrong color Jersey on.

All in one play. Lol

4/13/2019 2:51PM PDT

Is that why every year they have more patches then the year before? So far in only 3 weeks we have had 8 patches. If they programed it correctly and tested it properly they would not have so many patches.

Comment by pogibana
4/17/2019 5:12AM PDT

Ok here goes.

I’m responding to the last sentence above in what I hope is the nicest possible way. I am not directing criticism at you in particular, I am just hoping to shed some light on what the developers go through year after year. 

Game developers are human and have lives outside of serving us too. They would work 16+ hour days easy in the lead-up to and following release. 

It's a massive undertaking to do what the devs of this game do: analysing our gameplay data and qualitative (mostly not quality) feedback (forum, bug reports), replicating problems so they can figure out what causes them, designing solutions that will please everybody, developing the solutions, testing the solutions, then scheduling into a patch and releasing, then analysing all over again and repeating the cycle - all in a small amount of time despite the fact that so many people want so many things to be changed in vastly different ways.

If they plug a hole in one place without proper prior planning there's a massive risk that something else is going to fall off the wagon. It's 70GB of game. It’s way more complex than end users like us can even begin to comprehend.

I encourage anybody who feels that the devs aren’t doing a good enough job of serving us to create a game that improves upon the one that we are all choosing to play, so that we can all abandon MLB The Show and play the much better version that awaits. And you had better get cracking, you have nine months.

My aim here is not to point fingers or shoot anybody down, rather I hope to have shed some light onto why some bugs elude testing, why fixes require time, why some things are fixed quicker than others, and why gameplay changes are always going to be problematic.



4/17/2019 6:49AM PDT
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