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just curious what each of the symbols by player names mean while loading for beginning of new game

4/12/2019 6:36PM PDT

Try this link.

Comment by ecidade
4/13/2019 8:48PM PDT

That's a nice general guide to the game itself - it's the 'gamer guide' that is shown in 'more from MLB The Show' from the PS4 menu. The strategy guide within the game (which covers hitting, pitching, fielding, running, attributes, abbreviations, swing types, and the pitcher/batter analysis) doesn't appear to be on a website. Somebody may have transcribed it though. If not, perhaps somebody could. However not sure how the copyright would go there. Maybe a moderator could clarify whether it can be transcribed and put online with source fully acknowledged. 

4/13/2019 10:35PM PDT
See original thread.