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Is it just me or is the hitting mechanics screwed up again: 

Does everyone find it incredibly hard to hit a homerun?? Whether its DD or RTTS. 

What do I gotta do?

3/28/2019 8:30AM PDT

Itd be great if your or Skepple or Nash could play these moments challenges or other offline modes to get some perspective. I'm halfway through the Mets MTO and have hit one homer, which was a power swing with Cespedes. Seems like X swing simply will not produce enough power with any of the Mets players.

Comment by SefarR
3/30/2019 4:16AM EDT

I’ve played about 5 or six games in MTO on Hall of Fame, and I have two home runs by Matt Carpenter, one by Paul Goldschmidt, one by Marcell Ozuna, and one by Matt Weiters. Moments is messed up though. This has been discussed at length.

3/30/2019 6:33AM PDT
See original thread.