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Anybody else having the problem of conquering the Yankees, Rays, and Brewers in the given amount of turns and not receiving the award. It is very annoying because I can’t complete the fifth inning program to get one of the Signature Series.

7/25/2019 8:10AM PDT

No. You're sure you're doing it in the right order and finishing by turn 3?

7/25/2019 8:11AM PDT

Yes completely sure

7/25/2019 8:13AM PDT

Are you still on turn 3 with those strongholds conquered so that you could take a quick iPhone photo (or something) and email it to SDS?

My last problem (not receiving COTW rewards) they wrote back within a few days and gave me like an extra 18 packs. So it might actually be profitable for you if you can demonstrate the problem.

7/25/2019 8:15AM PDT

I have tried to report a bug 2 times, but I don’t think they look at them. This also happened to me in the 4th inning program as well...

7/25/2019 8:15AM PDT


I wrote them with the above problem on July 6 and they wrote back having already resolved it on July 8.

7/25/2019 8:16AM PDT

I took a video and used that to report a bug... or do I have to email it?

7/25/2019 8:16AM PDT

No did it in one try... it’s not that difficult just go straight to the Yankees on the first one. The only thing here is that you will run into the Indians as they will block your path. The beauty here is that you just started so if for any reason when you attack if you lose even a single fan you can just restart and do it over. Anyways once you get through that you attack Yankees and most likely play on all star.

Once you defeat them make sure not to start attacking anything else around you just go straight to steal fans. Now keep in mind you have to steal 4 million fans anyways to complete this conquest so you will want to steal two each time from both remaining teams. Steal two from the rays and then attack them with all your fans and then do the same once again the Brewers by stealing two million and attacking them with all your fans.

7/25/2019 8:16AM PDT

Well did they resolve it for only you, or the rest of the entire game?

7/25/2019 8:17AM PDT

Well did they resolve it for only you, or the rest of the entire game?

Comment by BasketNBaseBall
7/25/2019 8:17AM PDT

Well, I don't know if anyone was else was having the problem I had. And I haven't seen anyone having the problem you have.

But the bug report should ideally work for the global fix (though I can't speak personally to the success of this unlike emailing support) and the email will fix your individual problem.

7/25/2019 8:18AM PDT

Alright emailing them


7/25/2019 8:22AM PDT

But if you finished it on turn 1, why did you start the video showing your progress as of turn 2?

That doesn't actually document the problem you're describing.

7/25/2019 8:23AM PDT

No but I just played the game and won, and I’m showing how it didn’t give me my rewards.

7/25/2019 8:31AM PDT

I have emailed them and it says they are contacting their support staff

7/25/2019 8:37AM PDT


7/25/2019 8:39AM PDT


7/25/2019 8:40AM PDT

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