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I finished all strongholds and was in the process of filling every 'square' when something popped up saying the Rockies are attacking my stronghold (Play or Simulate on Hall of Fame).  I don't think this is my home base (Might be Rockies base that I captured) but I'm concerned I'll need to start over from scratch if I lose.  Anyone encounter this? 

Rockies are very aggressive.  SDS trying to make things difficult.

7/22/2019 11:11AM PDT

You'll just lose the stronghold if you don't win the game. It won't start you over unless you have no other squares on the map. 

7/22/2019 11:17AM PDT

Like they said before worst thing is you will loose the stronghold just skip a couple of turns and build up one of your spots around that strong hold and you can easily take it back

7/22/2019 11:48AM PDT

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