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Have injuries always been a thing in Conquest, or is this new?  Last night, I put in a reliever (needed 1 more inning for daily mission) and he promptly got hit in the head with the ball & removed from the game.  I have played probably 200 Conquest games this year & this is the first time I've seen that happen.


On a side note, knowing that I still needed to finish that 1 inning, I brought in another reliever from the same team to get the final 2 outs, and it didn't count.  So, fractional innings don't count toward the requirement, even if the entire inning is completed by players from the same team.

6/15/2019 8:54AM PDT

Yes, I've only had it happen to me once. Apparently it's the only injury you can sustain (hit in the head by line-drive).

6/15/2019 9:09AM PDT

Fractional innings worked for me before when going to the bullpen.

Maybe a bug due to the injury?

6/15/2019 9:56AM PDT

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