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I usually steal fans on veteran, I went 0-3 today against the Cubs. Im not a bad player and I am not a great player but i have been playing this game way to long to know when something was changed. I started knowing when the computer will hit a homerun, If i went up 1-0 in the first, bottom first there would be a homerun from them. Every game that happen today and its not like im grooving them fastballs down the middle. Two of them were out of the strike zone. Why are the games lasting 6-8 innings every time as well that so stupid. If i am the only one that has this issue please tell me and I will shut up. Whatever they did last update has changed the game not for the better in my mind.

6/4/2019 7:12PM PDT

Pitcher confidence.

6/4/2019 7:27PM PDT

ehh, I dont think thats it. It happens to all my pitchers. Nolan Ryan, David Price, Corey Kluber, doesnt matter who they are.

6/4/2019 7:29PM PDT

Conquest does seem to be overly difficult. I was playing in legend and had to kick it down to all star. 

6/4/2019 7:30PM PDT

I only play conquest, and only play it on Veteran.  To be honest, I have not noticed anything different in the past couple months, so the game and the negativity of the forums might just be playing tricks on you or something.

6/4/2019 7:34PM PDT

ehh, I dont think thats it. It happens to all my pitchers. Nolan Ryan, David Price, Corey Kluber, doesnt matter who they are.

Comment by IcemanSlider333
6/4/2019 7:29PM PDT

No, I mean the cpu pitcher confidence. If you swing early in the count, I have found you can get in tough.Cpu throws a lot of balls at veteran difficulty.

6/4/2019 7:36PM PDT else brought this up a few days ago, he was heckled because of his attitude but maybe there is something to this

6/4/2019 7:50PM PDT

I’ll be honest, it plays like the game has for everyone else. BS late hits by the cpu that turns into a quick 3 runs, all while sitting here helpless because all your pitches are out of the zone that they get hits on, then the one mistake you have is put 20 rows back in LF. Its like a written script sometimes 😂

But whatever, I’ve accepted it for what it is. I’m able to win way more than I lose vs the cpu, but usually I’m left frustrated and irritated tbh

6/4/2019 9:22PM PDT

I used to use Conquest to pad my stats, now I only play with the B squad because of this.

it all starts with throwing your RS closer in and then watch him let up 4 runs in the next 30 seconds and his ERA balloons 

6/4/2019 9:31PM PDT

no problem here. Other than when the game is line out and/or fly out city which does happen far too often at times. Always frustrating getting stuck in a 5-10 inning Conquest game because everything is a ground out, line out or fly out....

I'm about to finish my 9th run of Conquest, nothings different. you just had some bad luck. The CPU will power swing and if you put a pitch in that location they will connect. Be mindful of the feedback and if they're power swinging work the edges more or try keeping it out the zone while mixing up locations and pitches..... 

6/4/2019 10:44PM PDT

I only have problems really on hof or legend . those long 5 to 10 inning no hit games happen far too often even with a stacked power squad with good contact .

6/4/2019 10:58PM PDT

I only play on All Star unless i'm trying to hurry and finish.  Most of my games i'm up 3-0 after the first if not second inning. SP is pulled in 2nd.  I don't even bat the last two innings...let em strike me out.  It's not any more difficult than it was in the past.

6/5/2019 3:57AM PDT

Conquest/CPU is clearly harder to hit than in prior years.  It's so obvious.  You'll get bronze pitchers pitching perfectly on Veteran.  It used to be a home run derby before this year.  I mean you could score 20 runs in 3 innings just center swinging.  Not complaining - just saying.

6/5/2019 6:49AM PDT

I play a lot of conquest and since this last patch I've noticed a difference (for the worse). Sure I get a higher exit velo with power hitters but they're still linedrive outs or even hard groundball outs. I've been watching the feedback closely and I am seeing worse results now on balls that I hit hard in the sweet spot on the PCI. I had "good" timing on a pitch from a bronze pitcher yesterday where the ball was at the top third of the PCI ( good launch angle and middle of the barrel), with Big Hurt and it was a 104 MPH routine flyout to CF. I had the exact same PCI placement and swing timing with Trout and it's a no doubter. This happens ALL the time....Same PCI placement, same pitcher, same timing.....and massively different results (much more than just the difference between hitters...I mean my whole team is made up of SS or very high diamonds). Seems very random , almost like it's programmed in to yield certain results no matter how good of a swing I put on.

And pitching.....lately it's much harder to hit spots...I am using pitchers with high control and randomly they just miss, even with good timing (analog AND meter, same problems). Example, I was using Vida...2 strike count I throw a pitch aimed right at the outside cornerwith perfect release and timing and it ends up over the heart of the plate resulting in a double (to Daniel Palka, a lefty with 28 vision and 50 contact vs lefties). I mean...this is just one example. Yeah, I rarely lose a conquest game on any difficulty, but  I mean, it's obvious that a lot of these results are not indicative of user input....they're random outcomes or something but they certainly are not based on user skill.



6/5/2019 7:11AM PDT

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