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I have an all diamond team, and I still lose ever high medium or medium sim... How?? This is way harder to progress than videos show! I am stuck around 50 mil fans.

5/24/2019 5:13PM PDT

I hate when it’s 10+ fans vs 3 or less and they somehow beat me lol

5/24/2019 5:22PM PDT

Just random. Doesn’t matter how good your team is.

5/24/2019 5:24PM PDT

Yeah team doesnt matter when simming.  And something I noticed this year that didnt happen in years past is while doing the full map it gets harder each time.  I am on my 3rd go round and it is crazy hard. Completely different from the first time right off the bat.

5/24/2019 5:43PM PDT

I’ve taken the strategy of taking any stronghold I can. Once you takenthe stronghold, they can’t feed into their other hexs. You’ll have to be able to win on AS, but it seems to be easier 

5/24/2019 6:52PM PDT

Thanks guys. Grinding the US map, and taking strongholds when I can is working a lot better! I started early in the year and still wondering if SDS updated the sim difficulty...

5/24/2019 8:43PM PDT

I lost on a 44 to 3.      🤨

    Yeah...I'm that guy 🤦‍♂️😂😂

6/10/2019 11:40AM PDT

I lost on a 44 to 3.      🤨

    Yeah...I'm that guy 🤦‍♂️😂😂

Comment by lostdragon39
6/10/2019 11:40AM PDT

That’s outrageous. I’ve never had luck that poor. 

6/10/2019 11:52AM PDT

I have done the map around 10 times, I have noticed that it gets harder after redoing it but what I also found out is that you can.make it way easier if you steal fans at the start of a map, I usually steal 20 at the start and that should be enough to get the map done quicker.


6/10/2019 12:05PM PDT

I saved a video clip of this happening because I couldnt' figure it out at first. I attacked a tile that had 8 fans with like 24 of my own.  It burned me down to 16 and right after when I hit square to simulate the CPU moves to attack again all 16 of my fans were gone and the CPU took the tile.  I couldn't figure out what the hell happened.  Literally watched the clip several times and figured out that the Stronghold for the CPU MLB team took out all 16 of my fans with only 8 in the stronghold.

I was heated, just a bunch of bullspit to prolong the stupid time it took to finish the map. 

6/10/2019 12:11PM PDT

you always want your odds at least 3:1 but 4:1 is basically a guarantee. 


if you beat the stronghold on Legend, you takeover immediately regardless if they have 24 or 2. 

6/10/2019 5:33PM PDT

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