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8th Bosses- Schmidt, Pujos, Walter Johnson

Rewards - SS Larkin, HW Piazza, SS Holliday, SS Gardner, 

9th inning bosses - SS Ted Williams, SS Musial, SS Yount

Reward- SS Will Clark, AS Doolittle, SS Carter, Veteran Boggs, SS Guidry

Ruth as Sig team reward

Headliner - Spahn, Cy Young, SS Vladimir,SS Foxx


9/22/2019 9:45AM PDT

I think Clark will be the last sony partner reward if they didn't foget about that. 100 star rewards are going to be PS and HW cards. Larkin will be a headliner as I think he will be 98 overall and thats too high for him being a 200 star.  I have a gut feeling Vlad will be a BR reward

9/22/2019 9:52AM PDT

I'm hoping some of these mid-high diamonds like Prior, Mattingly, Murray, and Ichiro get SS cards.  Dawson got one, so it's a possibility. 

I'm also looking forward to Kerry Wood and Jose Reyes, which are probably more likely.

9/22/2019 10:06AM PDT

ted williams, and Babe Ruth

9/22/2019 6:07PM PDT

Have to think a Bench SS fits in there somewhere too, no?

9/22/2019 6:10PM PDT

I'd like to see a SS Lofton

9/22/2019 6:28PM PDT

I could see the 8th inning bosses being SS Bret Saberhagen, SS Ted Williams, and SS Mike Schmidt and the 9th inning bosses being SS Albert Puljos, SS Walter Johnson and SS Babe Ruth. Sig team rewards idk could be anyone with the guys they've chosen but I'd say like SS Shawn Green, SS Paul Molitor and SS Stan Musial as the collection reward unless they don't wanna stack so many outfielders then instead of Green I could see SS Eddie Matthews. 

9/22/2019 7:01PM PDT

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