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Drop your ideas on upgrades/downgrades

9/22/2019 8:25AM PDT

Craig Kimbrel downgraded to “free agent”

9/22/2019 9:17AM PDT

Well, they'll never bump Realmuto to Diamond, so I guess they'll bump Garver, Sanchez, and Grandal to Diamond

9/22/2019 9:18AM PDT

I'm still holding out some hope for Bieber and Rizzo, but I'm not super confident in either.

9/22/2019 9:40AM PDT

Craig Kimbrel downgraded to “free agent”

Comment by turtleopolis
9/22/2019 9:17AM PDT


9/22/2019 10:50AM PDT

Yasiel Puig up to gold


9/22/2019 7:45PM PDT

Felipe Vazquez goes down because he's clogging up an ls diamond spot

9/22/2019 7:47PM PDT

Albies. Defensive upgrade into 80s. Slight bump in disc power from the left side and speed. 

He should be a diamond. 

9/22/2019 7:51PM PDT

dj Lemahiu diamond

9/22/2019 8:47PM PDT

Should at least be Realmuto, Alonso and Lemahieu.  Donaldson has been super hot the second half of the year so i don't know why he hasn't gotten a good upgrade as he is a Diamond caliber player.   I am sure there are a few others that deserve it but SDS will not do it, as they don't want too many diamonds in circulation, even if players deserve it.  Machado should be downgraded for sure as should Stanton and Judge!


9/23/2019 3:16PM PDT

Waino to silver

9/23/2019 3:29PM PDT

Mike Minor good shot at gold.  He got shelled his last two starts but overall, still good numbers this year.

Full disclosure I own 59 of his card, so maybe this is wishful thinking.

9/23/2019 3:32PM PDT

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