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I have put over 15 hours into trying go to best it with little success I am not too bad of a player and am using an all righty line up. What can I do? Btw I got within 1 out then walked someone for the second time😂

9/21/2019 12:15PM PDT

Just suffer through the nightmares like me. One day we'll get Andrew Miller!

9/21/2019 12:24PM PDT

Damn man. I've been so close so many times that im almost crying while writing this. Kershaw is hard to hit, i hit singles but i struggle getting the xbh. I failed two times in a row because i needed just one more xbh that it never arrived. I'll keep trying only because is the last mission to get that Andrew Miller but this is killing me. 


Good luck

9/22/2019 8:44PM PDT

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