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Just got these 4 new players and Im not necessarily killing it with them. Anyone have advice on how to hit well with these players? I think it might be in my head at this point

9/18/2019 8:33PM PDT

I can hit with Gwynn, Hornsby and pudge are bad for me, I hit better with brooks robinson than I do with them, Mays is hit or miss, just relax.

I won a 1 nothing game and got a homerun with Hornsby (first hit with him) and had a complete game shutout with Jack Morris , 5 walks,  against a line up full of power hitting lefties at Oracle Park  , I don't think I had a strike out,  its baseball man lol

9/18/2019 8:53PM PDT

Mays has a weird swing, can be tough to get. You also have to be patient because you’re not gonna see a lot of strikes. When you do connect, it’s a monster. Hornsby is just streaky for me. I’ll get frustrated and think about taking him out, then boom, 3 run clutch homer.

9/19/2019 5:33AM PDT

Pudge can’t hit 

the rest are great just be patient 

9/19/2019 5:34AM PDT

Gwynn is far and away my best hitter.  Hornsby has been waaaaay better against lefties than righties as well.  

I've heard that Pudge is better if you think oppo.  And Mays, for whatever reason, doesn't get the good exit velocities that other cards do.  I have a theory that because these cards were available day one, they don't have the "juice" that other cards have.  

9/19/2019 5:53AM PDT

Mays has my highest average right now at .391 (but only about 50 AB) and will totally annihilate anything inside (just be ready). With him, it is imperative that you "go with the pitch".  Pull inside and go oppo away.  Some cards can "yank" outside pitches (Sanchez, Gallo, Braun etc) with success, but Mays is a little different (much like Pudge in that regard).  Hornsby is right up there with Mays (.381 same ABs as I got them at the same time) and has played a decent SS for me.  Alomar and Gwynn are by far my leaders "in the clubhouse" though as I've had them the longest and they are .367 and .354 respectively.  Gwynn will smash anything in (especially offspeed) and deposit it into the stands and both have my team lead in SBs and are super clutch.  

I'm about to get Frank and I hope that I don't suck with him.  lol

I'm leaving Morgan and Robinson for last.

9/19/2019 6:35AM PDT

Mays and Hornsby have been my 3-4 hitters since week two of release. Both still hitting well over .350 online for me. Pudge was mehhh but not terrible. In fairness to him he never really got to play much because of a bad a*s dude nicknamed CAP. 

Gwynn on the other hand, I couldn't hit water with him if he fell off a boat in the middle of the Atlantic. Weird because EVERYONE else seems to rake with him. That's the beauty of this game... You play well with some and not with others. Make sure to give them all a good amount of AB's before plulling the plug on them. 

9/19/2019 6:57AM PDT

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