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It sucks, but at least not a 12-0 reward.  Just sucks in the sense that i started playing in 17.  17 Hardware Chipper, Basically unattainable.  18 Chipper- Souviners sucked and made it annoying.  Could be done, but execution was bad.  Now 19- Chipper WS reward.  stinks because most people cannot get there.  Yes you can get him through stubs, but it just sits bad for some people.  

Three years where one of the most well liked players is made extremely difficult to get for some. 

9/18/2019 3:26PM PDT

I can understand people being upset. He's one of the cards people have been waiting for all year and regardless of what people here think, the vast majority of players will never sniff WS.

That said, if you really want him that bad I'm sure there are some cards you can sell.

9/18/2019 3:32PM PDT

He’s a good card but his defense this year will  make him an average card fielding wise. Hitting he looks really good. One card that I am looking for is Eddie Matthews, or Mike Shmidt

9/18/2019 3:32PM PDT

Matthews would be really cool also looking forward to Ted Williams, or SS Ichiro🤞. I completely agree OP give the masses what they want. Also, agree on your stubs take I have over 500k but I would hate to spend half or possibly more on one card

9/18/2019 3:58PM PDT

There’s usually more people in the WS already too. People are playing based on the amount of people so far in ranked season. But there’s only around 50-60 people in CS and three have made World Series. So hey Elites!! Get some of these on the market. 


9/18/2019 4:22PM PDT

Yep.  I will sell off some cards and use the stubs to get him.  No problem doing it.  But I understand the frustration of people.  I feel like the majority of the player base, based on what I have seen as favorite players being Chipper and Griffey, is that they grew up watching them play and want to use those cards.  The argument that only the best players should get the best cards is dumb.  So what if Mr. Nobody that you will never play against gets to use the same card.  Also, I don't really recall many people complaining about Mays being the Collection reward even though most never complete it.  And like I said before, that is 3 years in a row that one of the most liked players has been set up to be hard to obtain.  I don't think people would have as big a problem with Schmidt being a WS reward.  Even though I don't think hitting 80 more home runs makes you the better hitter.  Jones beats him in every category otherwise.  Fielding they have almost the same percentage, but yes Schmidt was a better fielder.        

9/18/2019 5:13PM PDT

His fielding is a real deal breaker for this years game. But who knows.. Some players who have average to below average fielding can be brick walls at some positions like Frank at first base, and Eddie Matthews at third base. I have 850k stubs so I might get Chipper to see if he's one of those defensive Silver shield wizards. I hope he is

9/18/2019 5:42PM PDT

If you REALLY want him then fork over the stubs. It’s as simple as that. Don’t blow your stubs on packs and headliners. Wait for that one player you really want and get him. That’s what I’m doing for the SS Trout. No idea how we’re gonna obtain him but I’m gonna have to stubs to get him no matter what. Even if it’s a BR reward.

9/18/2019 11:15PM PDT

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