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I have him.  Control is sorta weird because of his delivery but he’s worth it.  Dude shoves

Comment by tommynachoes
9/17/2019 8:18PM PDT

Agreed 100%. Takes getting used to and you might get lit up in your first start or two, but dominates when you get used to him.

9/22/2019 6:43PM PDT

Now I'm not tryna play anyone in this thread that made comments about rocking Seaver. And again please dont take this as a slight, but I'm sure you played seaver in the 500s, 600s and 700s. Pitchers are alot easier to hit, not enough bite on their breaking pitches, speed difference isnt as steep as in WS. So I'm sure those who comment about rockin him, playing in WC, DS and in CS, its easier than in WS

9/22/2019 7:30PM PDT

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