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Lost an event game last night with two outs in the third when Betances threw a curve that was targeted in the dirt, good release, dead center of the strike zone. 

Comment by thetsunamirc
9/18/2019 5:11AM PDT

I don’t get to bent out of shape about hitting or the game in general, but this to me isn’t by far the most frustrating things in the game. 

9/18/2019 6:39AM PDT

Some of these replies are hilarious lol. The problem is not that people want this to be an arcade game or that we want every hitter to hit .600. The problem is when I can hit a hanging breaking ball for Good Squared Up with the PCI smack dab on the ball just to fly out to the warning track, but then I can completely miss the ball with the PCI and hit a no doubter, which is something I just did in a game I played. There is also way too many hits resulting from late/very late contact as opposed to good/very good contact. Nobody wants this game to be a slugfest or an arcade game, I think the consensus is that people want to have more success when they are on time and less success when they are early/late and not good with PCI placement.

9/19/2019 12:13AM PDT

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