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I have had him for like 5 games and he is 0-2 with a 6.83 era.  A lot of his games have been on all star, but is there another sp out there that i should pick up for him?

8/25/2019 2:03PM PDT

Man you can never judge a pitcher you just started with on all star. I would take him out till you get into HOF then judge him. 

8/25/2019 2:05PM PDT

Wasn’t a fan of greinke either but picked up lefty and verlander and they’ve been doing good

8/25/2019 2:16PM PDT

I have a different rotation for the two styles. 

Ryan, Hershiser and Kershaw are fine at any level.

Greinke, Blyleven and Gibson become superstars at higher level

Morris, Wainwright, Colon are shockingly better at lower levels


8/25/2019 2:18PM PDT

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