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I saw someone using it on their CAP. But I don’t see it in current players. Anyone know what it’s called? 

8/25/2019 8:17AM PDT

His stance and swing aren’t even close to real life.  I hope they adjust it.  

8/25/2019 12:06PM PDT

Doesn’t he have an almost exact stance as Dante? It looked like it on the game at least

8/25/2019 12:44PM PDT

It's a prospect stance (not sure which one), but his leg kick is not accurate to real life at all

8/25/2019 12:53PM PDT

Yeah it’s definitely not accurate to his real life stance, it just looks kind of interesting. 

8/25/2019 1:52PM PDT

Yeah they didn't even get Aquinos stance remotely close to his real stance. If you go to veteran stance 153, it most resembles his real stance. I haven't found one that resembles Bo's yet.

8/25/2019 1:52PM PDT

His name sounds like Boba Fett. 

8/25/2019 1:54PM PDT

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