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Starting lineup:

  1. Morgan (2B)
  2. McCutchen (LF)
  3. Edmonds (CF)
  4. CAP (C)
  5. Edgar Martinez (1B)
  6. Brett (3B)
  7. Kaline (RF)
  8. Tulowitski (SS)


  • Joc Perderson (live series)
  • Bellinger 
  • Yelich
  • Brandon Phillips SS 
  • Ryan Braun SS 

SP: Kluber, Kershaw, Nolan Ryan, Hershiser, MadBum

Bullpen: AS Chapman, Percival Sutter, Eck, Lee Smith, Wagner, Jansen

8/12/2019 8:29AM PDT



hr derby perderson 





92 Brantley 

95 Wano 99 Gibson 98 mad bum 99 Ryan 92 Castillo 

8/12/2019 9:11AM PDT




Ss Votto 





Kershaw Ryan Greinke Oswalt Ford 

Betts Killebrew Bautista Griffey Snyder 

Comment by Brimmy25
7/25/2019 3:35PM PDT

How do you like kaline I think I’m gonna get him

8/12/2019 9:14AM PDT

How do you like kaline I think I’m gonna get him

Comment by KevDawg37
8/12/2019 9:14AM PDT

I like him so far.  He gets great defensive animations too--monster arm.  

8/12/2019 9:16AM PDT

C: SS Martin

1B: SS Thomas

2B: SS Kinsler (doing weirdly well for me...I can RAKE with this man)

SS: SS Ozzie

3B: 5th Inning Boss Donaldson

LF: LS JD Martinez (literally a homer machine) 

CF: Breakout Griffey Jr 

RF: Hardware MVP Harper

SS Nolan, SS Waino, SS Morris, SS BigSexy, LS DeGrom

8/12/2019 9:23AM PDT

SP: Kershaw, Ryan, Gibson, SS Verlander, Vida

C: Pudge

1B: Frank Thomas

2B: Alomar

3B: LS Nolan

SS: Hornsby

LF: Ichiro

CF: Mays

RF: Gwynn

Bench: LS Bellinger, LS Yelich, LS Trout, SS Henderson, Kenny Lofton

Bullpen: SS Lee Smith, SS Hoffman, LS Kimbrel, LS Hader, LS, Chapman, Rob Nenn

8/12/2019 9:57AM PDT

LF:  Henderson

2B:  Alomar

1B:  Gehrig

3B:  Donaldson

CF: Snider

C:   CAP

RF: Gwynn

SS:  Viquel

SP: SS Kershaw, SSRyan, SS Verlander, SS Oswalt, SS Greinke 

Pen: Britton/SS Chapman/SS Wagner/SS Jansen/SS Hoffman/POTM Lugo/SS Smith

Bench: SS Thomas, TN Marte, AS Gallo, SS Anderson, SS Ramirez


8/12/2019 10:33AM PDT

C max Cap

1B ss Thomas

2B ss Pedrioa

SS ss Smith

3B Kris Bryant

LF Vlad Sr

CF Eric Davis

RF ss Henderson

SP Kershaw Grove Blyleven MadBum Arrieta

8/12/2019 10:37AM PDT

Some sick teams!!

8/12/2019 11:14AM PDT

Some sick teams!!

Comment by allmustfall16
8/12/2019 11:14AM PDT

Gotta love the diversity this year, I’m still switching stuff up constantly, and it’s been so much fun

8/12/2019 11:23AM PDT

Gotta love the diversity this year, I’m still switching stuff up constantly, and it’s been so much fun

Comment by Therealest_JB
8/12/2019 11:23AM PDT

Our teams are similar though ;). Haha Honus!!

8/12/2019 11:25AM PDT

Our teams are similar though ;). Haha Honus!!

Comment by allmustfall16
8/12/2019 11:25AM PDT

I think we’re in the minority on Honus, which is awesome 

8/12/2019 11:27AM PDT

C Rodriguez

1b Gehrig/Thomas

2b Sandberg/Hornsby

SS Smith

3B Hornsby/Martinez

LF Anderson

CF Mays

RF Snider

SP Kershaw

SP Ryan

SP Morris

SP Blue

SP FORD/Hershiser

RP Percival

RP Nen

RP Smith

RP Hoffman

8/12/2019 11:34AM PDT


1.) 99 Gwynn RF

2.) 99 Henderson LF

3.) 99 Alomar 2B

4.) 99 Thomas 1B

5.) 99 Kaline CF

6.) 99 Brett 3B

7.) 99 Ripken SS

8.) 99 Carter C


1.) 99 Donaldson

2.) 99 Gehrig

3.) 99 Votto

4.) 98 Martinez

5.) 98 McCutchen


1.) 99 Kershaw

2.) 99 Ryan

3.) 99 Gibson

4.) 99 Verlander

5.) 99 Grove


CP) 99 Jansen

SU) 99 Wagner

SU) 97 Eckersley 

MR) 96 Hoffman

MR) 95 Chapman

MR) 94 Smith

MR) 94 Percival


8/12/2019 11:35AM PDT

1.Ichiro(Hardware) RF

2.Jose Reyes(All Star) SS

3.Joe Morgan(Signature) 2B

4.Frank Thomas(Signature) 1B

5.Chipper Jones(All Star) 3B

6.Michael Brantley (2019 Allstar) LF

7.Russel Martin(Signature) C

8. Griffey Jr. (All Star) CF

Rotation:Kershaw(Signature),Verlander(Signature), Bumgarner(Singature),Jack Morris(Signature), Wainwright(Signature)

Bullpen:Nolan Ryan(Hardware),Ken Giles(All Star),Johnny Venters(Rookie), Brandon Morrow(Veteran),Andrew Miller,Jake Mcgee(Breakout),Greg Holland(All Star)

Bench:Nick Senzel(Future Stars), Rickey Henderson(Breakout), Steve Finley(All Star),Vlad Sr,(Hardware), Jeff Mcneil

8/13/2019 6:05AM PDT

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