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If this doesn't sum up hitting in this year's game, I don't know what does:

- lead off the top of the 5th with Story (100+ contact & vision) having a good/squared up swing for a line drive out

- bottom of the 5th opponent has a just late/ok swing with HIS PITCHER for a line drive RBI single to go ahead 1-0

- top of the 6th, I've got a guy on thrid with two outs and hit the *** out of the ball with Goldy for a line drive right at the LF

- bottom of the 6th, opponent has 1st and 3rd w/ 2 outs and proceeds to swing at a cutter 6 inches off the inside corner for a weak contact RBI single. 2 batters later with the bases loaded, he has an early/weak swing for a 2-run blooper

5/15/2019 8:06PM PDT

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