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Dda. All of the problems in this game can be traced back to dda. Imaging playing a ultimate sports game in 2019 and not believing that there’s dda type programming out there 

6/5/2019 7:22PM PDT

The ability to get a piece of about 95% of the pitches thrown...The pci doesnt even have to be close and yet batters are getting foul tips and hits on pitches 3 ft outside the zone...strikeouts are obsolete just like last year.

6/5/2019 7:30PM PDT

Moments. Without a doubt. 

6/5/2019 7:54PM PDT

Moments. Without a doubt. 

Comment by dfwrazorback
6/5/2019 7:54PM PDT

The inning moments are the only ones worth your time. The rest aren’t worth the headache 

6/5/2019 8:40PM PDT

The rubberbanding.

6/5/2019 10:58PM PDT

Errors in key moments in RS. It’s almost as if the game wants there to be more drama online. Not very game has to play like game 7 of the World Series. I’m not the best player and it’s demoralizing when Pudge throws the ball into LF trying to catch a guy stealing and I lose the game. And the fact that okay contact is usually better than good/squared up. Rant over. 

6/5/2019 11:04PM PDT

SS Clayton Kershaw.

6/6/2019 12:24AM PDT

I think the lineouts are the absolute most annoying thing in the game. I am in BR facing a common pitcher with an HR/9 of about 47. I have Diamond Michael Young, Gold Harper, Gold Eddie McGriff, Gold Joe Bautista, and a few more great hitters. Why am I lining out on hanging sliders and changeups up in the zone with good swing timing and good contact and the ball is in my PCI? But my silver closing pitcher with a HR/9 of 81 gave up a 2-out, 2-run bomb on a sinker well below the knees? The kid was lagging the whole game so I couldn’t even baserun effectively. And he was probably using swing stick and just power swinging the whole game. Why is he getting rewarded for swinging at “bad pitches” and why am I not being rewarded for using arguably the hardest hitting technique and lining up good pitches???? Almost threw my controller!!!!

6/6/2019 1:05AM PDT

Get RID OF ERRORS in this game, specifically in DD RS mode. Just played game where I got another loss because of it. Its ridiculous, we have absolute no control over errors that occur or booted ground balls on what should be a routine out. Its frustrating, its stupid, it makes you hate the game.

6/6/2019 2:08AM PDT

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