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Randy, Griff, Edgar, ARod

7/7/2019 4:19PM PDT

Randy Johnson and Derek Jeter... 

7/7/2019 5:17PM PDT

Mark McGwire

Chris Carpenter

Albert Pujols

Josh Beckett

Jose Fernandez

Hanley Ramirez

7/7/2019 5:27PM PDT

Blyleven and Carew is a nice start but I am looking forward to Killebrew at some point with 125 power.

7/7/2019 5:35PM PDT


7/7/2019 5:41PM PDT

Got the Kaline, who else could I want to see...

Willie Hernandez and Mickey Lolich would probably make more sense as flashbacks and not SS, so Charlie Gehringer, Jack Morris and Lou Whitaker.

7/7/2019 5:47PM PDT

Josh Hamilton and A Rod

7/7/2019 6:59PM PDT

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