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Pujols, Stan the Man and CP Waino would be sick! Maybe a Beltron (It would be a Mets one if they do it) I dont think they have Beltrons rights anymore to :(

6/18/2019 2:46AM PDT

Sammy freaking Sosa.  That stupid hop HR celebration would be worth the price of admission.  If I were a Sox fan, it would ultimately be a Bo Jackson card even though he was with KC most of his career.  But I am not a Sox fan.

6/18/2019 2:57AM PDT

Bagwell and biggio

6/18/2019 3:19AM PDT

Easily David Wright... not sure what his status is as far as being eligible... outside of Wright I'm pretty sure we'll get a Mike Piazza... Jackie Robinson for me is a no brainer... will be interesting to see who gets released and when.

6/18/2019 6:40AM PDT

Not just SS but any card of Carlos Delgado would be great, was my hero growing up. 

6/18/2019 6:41AM PDT

So I'd like to see a few for the Dodgera.


Eric Gagne

Shawn Green

Russell Martin

Eric Karros 

Mike Piazza

Gary Sheffield

Jackie Robinson

6/18/2019 6:58AM PDT

Larry Walker and Todd Helton.

6/18/2019 7:32AM PDT

Joey Votto & Barry Larkin

6/18/2019 7:36AM PDT

Red Sox

1.  David Ortiz

2.  Manny Ramirez

3. Curt Schilling

4. Jason Varitek

5. Jon Papelbon

6/23/2019 2:05PM PDT

SS Mark Buehrle!

6/23/2019 2:20PM PDT

Will Clark , (thanks for Matt), Posey, panda,jt snow(angels),rod beck.

Non giants: for sure pujols , big unit, David Justice , glavin, Maddox, smoltz, Clemens , Albert belle , lugo, strawberry, beltre. 

6/23/2019 3:32PM PDT

Oakland A's Jose canseco

6/23/2019 3:45PM PDT

Rick Sutcliffe

6/23/2019 3:49PM PDT

Give me like a 91-93 signature Travis Hafner. In 2006 he batted a .308 with 42 homers 100 walks slugging .659 and ops of 1.097

Comment by VacsCauseAutism
6/17/2019 3:42PM PDT

Here’s a man whose wildest dreams came true lol

6/23/2019 4:04PM PDT

Here’s a man whose wildest dreams came true lol

Comment by SchnauzerFace
6/23/2019 4:04PM PDT

😂 . I read a lot of these and I've seen a few of these guys or gals dreams come true haha .

When Matt came out I started getting adrenaline and was selling off guys to get him that nite 

6/23/2019 6:17PM PDT

Cardinals Keith Hernandez!!! Then maybe a wright and a Harvey card

6/23/2019 6:23PM PDT

For the Royals, I think it's safe to say we'll see SS George Brett and maybe Saberhagen.

I would LOVE to have an SS Quisenberry, as I think he would be filthy in this game with his pitching motion and mix of pitches.  He hardly ever walked anybody and only threw 5 wild pitches in his entire career.  I'm probably dreaming on this one, but I think he'd be a lot of fun to pitch with.

I also think that Wade Davis could have an SS card that would be solid for 2014-2016.

6/23/2019 11:09PM PDT

There's no friggin way he'd be a Mariner but Adrian Beltre would be a sweet card. As well as Randy Johnson, or even a Jamie Moyer with 125 BB/9 lol.

6/25/2019 7:14PM PDT

97ovr SS Tim Lincecum 


98ovr SS Buster Posey 


99 ovr Will Clark 

6/26/2019 1:14AM PDT

Raul Ibanez or mike Cameron 

6/26/2019 3:49AM PDT

Here’s a man whose wildest dreams came true lol

Comment by SchnauzerFace
6/23/2019 4:04PM PDT

This has to one of the best guesses I have seen on this forum in 2 years for sure. 

I am so pumped for this card went back and watched some of his old Home Runs dude should be in jail for murdering those baseballs


6/26/2019 4:16AM PDT

Just some new cards I thought of recently

SS Reyes

SS Posey

SS Cruz

SS Zimmerman

SS Kemp



7/7/2019 3:28PM PDT

Maddux, Fergie, Santo, Wood, Grace, Dawson, Billy Williams, Sosa.

7/7/2019 3:41PM PDT




For Astros players that SDS has the rights to, that's probably about it, considering that Mike Scott probably wouldn't (but could) get one. Maybe Roy Oswalt?

7/7/2019 3:44PM PDT

Here’s a man whose wildest dreams came true lol

Comment by SchnauzerFace
6/23/2019 4:04PM PDT

I actually couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that there’s going to be a hafner card, now I get to have hafner in my starting lineup and just switch frank in when there’s a lefty. Perfect match 

7/7/2019 3:58PM PDT

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