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I play RS fair enough, as well as Conquest, but I think i play a lot of events also. I’m fairly balanced with my gameplay in DD, but my question to offline players is how come some of you don’t like playing online? 

4/20/2019 9:11PM PDT

I hear too many horror stories. I don't need that.


4/20/2019 9:20PM PDT

You can control the pace of the game a lot easier. I like building franchise teams through trading, free agency, and farm systems instead of trying to get a 99 through weeks of grinding.

Dont get me wrong, I play a lot of online, I just prefer offline. There’s so much to do in franchise.

4/20/2019 9:20PM PDT

I try as much as I can, but because of family I usually can’t play online until late so I can get through games uninterrupted. Wish I could play more though, so events are nice for quickies 

4/20/2019 9:23PM PDT

For me, it’s multiple reasons. Most of the time that I am able to play, I’m constantly interrupted and I have to pause and come back. I also don’t care to play cheesers and deal with quick pitching. Yes, the games go by faster with quick pitching by not coming set but I don’t enjoy it. People are way to serious and will do anything that I don’t consider proper baseball by abusing the game mechanics. I just don’t have fun when that happens and would rather enjoy it at my pace. I’ve been playing baseball games since Bases Loaded 3 on Nintendo so playing single player games doesn’t bother me. 

4/20/2019 9:27PM PDT

I didn't play much online last year because of what I saw on here.. Once I hit silver, I'll probably try online and get smoked lol

4/20/2019 9:31PM PDT

Offline is just relaxing for me. When I first started on this game last year I was exclusively offline. Started playing more online when that Ted Williams program came out late last year.

Been playing more online so far this year too, its not filled with as much b.s. as I expected before I jumped in. Kinda enjoy both now depending on my mindset or mood, I guess.

Also, fear of failure plays a part for me too. Sometimes i got that virus.

4/20/2019 9:32PM PDT

I hear too many horror stories. I don't need that.


Comment by bigwicked
4/20/2019 9:20PM PDT


4/20/2019 9:34PM PDT

Trolls, crappy internet connection til just recently, & due to poor eyesight I wouldn't be very good.

4/20/2019 9:50PM PDT

Simple answer. I don't want to deal with the bs. Yes there are some good-great players who play online, who play a fair, good, clean game etc. But all those cheesers, try hards, sweaty players and so on are people I don't want to deal with. It's far too frustrating and unenjoyable. I play games because I enjoy them and playing vs opponents like that just isn't enjoyable. Basically the same reason I don't play many, if any games online anymore. This younger generation just doesn't appreciate sportsmanship and that applies across the board. Not just The Show. I'm not wasting my time dealing with those players just to find good matchups vs good opponents. 

Lastly. This isn't really a factor and something I just randomly thought of but I also know dam well I won't make it through the higher tiers. So why play online just to get through AS at best. My eyes have never been the greatest and I simply can't play on HOF or Legend this year with these pitch speeds. In 17 I could play a little on HOF and Legend. Obviously last season with the ridiculously slow pitch speeds HOF and Legend were more like All Star... Oddly enough this year would have been the perfect the season to start playing online due to the lack of vs CPU content.  

4/20/2019 10:01PM PDT

I'll echo what others said already...I need to be able to pause the game too often in most instances.  I'm not very good at the game, and the rare times that I won in the past, I had to deal with sore losers, or worse, rage am I supposed to get better at this if half the people quit mid homerun ? I don't have that much time to waste to start with.

To be honest, I've always wanted to play online and compete, and I have in other games, but this game requires 45 minutes of uninterrupted dedicated time to give to one of the most childish online communities I've ran into, so the thought is not very appealing to start with.

It's a non issue for this year though, because I find the game absolutely boring overall, and I find myself playing less and less of it.  In years past I'd mix it up with some Franchise and some RTTS as well but those modes have been stale for a while and they barely have been improved, so I play other games instead.  In fact, I'm having a lot more fun doing a replay of my beloved Montreal Expos at the start of the 90's in OOTP than I do any mode of this year's edition of the show.

4/20/2019 10:18PM PDT

If I can be honest,  I'm not the greatest at this game.  I do want the human element involved, but I've only had a few satisfying games online.  In those, I won some...and lost many more.  But I came out of them happy with the game play.  But then there's always a game where I get turned off online play.  Tonight I had one of those games.  Liner up the middle, SS (Trey Turner) over runs the ball.  Then came the more frustrating parts.  Every pitch I delivered with Snell started off ok, but as soon as it left my hand it entered what seemed like a scene out of the Matrix.  Pitch was super slow, and he hit it every time regardless if it was on the plate or way outside or inside.  Then there was the pausing and quick pitches. 

I also echo Sarges24.  It seems alot of people spend more time figuring out how to cheese the game rather than developing any kind of skill. I've had many really good games, but it's always the one where questionable things happen that makes me go offline.  I don't even know when I'm being cheesed.. Lol.  It would be nice to just find a good group of guys who want to play the game for the fun of it without having to worry about doing questionable things.... 

4/20/2019 11:04PM PDT

I got back into online after many years this year.  But tonight reminded me why I quit online.


Game 1 : I went up 1-0 guy quit.

Game 2 : Guy was ab first.  Got him out the first inning, he quit.

Game 3 : seemed like a good guy to play.  I was up 1-0.  He tied it by using the base running exploits.  Now not sure if he did it on purpose or if it was the cpu base runners.  I had it happen to me as well where I didnt want to have the guy go home but he did. 

Game 4 : I got beat bad.  I didnt quit.  Ended up where it was a slaugther rule loss where I ended up being down 10.  BUT I stuck it out and didnt quit.  Why can't others?


So 3/4 games were questionable.


What I look for in any online sporting game is someone w/ a sporting iq.  A sports gamer.  But mostly you get people who only care about winning at all costs.  Using exploits, etc......   For the Show, someone doing that is not playing baseball.  For example, one guy I played messaged me profanitys why I walked his 8 hitter with first baseopen and 2 outs.  Guys like that have no basebal iq.  I don't want to waste my time w/ pppl like that.

4/20/2019 11:14PM PDT

Easy to answer:

A) I get too amped up with live competition. Against the CPU on higher difficulties I can get in the zone, find my rhythm and have a lot of fun, but playing live against a stranger agitates me. 

B) Toxic opponents. Bunt-dancing, R2, trash talk messages, jumping around on pop ups, you name it.

C) I often want to take a break for the bathroom or to make a snack or get a phone call or the wife needs my help. 

D) I’m in Germany, and no matter what connection I have, the game will lag a bit with players 4,000 miles away. 

4/21/2019 12:33AM PDT

I’ve played offline DD since MLB 17 and this is the first year I’ve even attempted online play. I started playing events this year due to the fact that last year there were cards in the game that were only obtainable in online play. 

Its hit or miss for me “no pun intended”. But honestly I don’t mind being beaten in a fair game by a good player. But when the player is constantly cheesing and making it more frustrating than enjoyable, yeah that’s why I never played online until now. I’d rather get blown out by a guy playing fairy rather than lose 1 nothing to a guy constantly cheesing 

4/21/2019 12:58AM PDT

Because I still have AOL dual-up...

4/21/2019 1:00AM PDT

a) other people (opposition players trying their hardest to make the game as un fun as possible)

b) other people (my wife and general life coming to my door making it hard to play 45 minutes uninterrupted)

c) other people (I don't like other people)

4/21/2019 2:41AM PDT

In reverse, I play online, but when I started in ‘16 I primarily brought the game to play offline modes like Franchise. What converted me to an online player (aside from Diamond Dynasty itself) was losing. When I tried H2H I was awful at it, probably as result of playing vs cpu on rookie all the time. I couldn’t hit, couldn’t pitch, couldn’t defend etc.

Took me about two years to even get to being a DS level player and not be intimidated by H2H play.

4/21/2019 2:56AM PDT

Because I have light sensitivity issues with my eyes and need to play all my games at night - overcast or I literally can’t see!  That’s why I can’t play RTTS or even attempt some of the Moments.  

4/21/2019 4:35AM PDT

I'm strictly offline mainly for the flexibility.  I have two kids under two and at any moment I may need to stop playing to help them if they wake up.  It's also why I favor Conquest so much as they are nice and quick games. 

4/21/2019 4:37AM PDT

1. Poor sportsmanship from other players.

2. People trying to do anything they can to win, leading to the game no longer feeling like baseball. This isn't the same as #1 but encompasses things like weird pitching patterns, subbing out pitchers that are doing fine, stealing insanely often, not batting based on the count, etc.

3. Feeling rushed, especially while batting. Baseball is supposed to be a leisurely game, and I don't like the online style of feeling like I'm in a batting cage set to "as fast as possible."

4. Poor sportsmanship from other players.

5. I often play while doing other things and it's hard to find a long stretch of time when I can be sure I'll not be interrupted.

6. The slowdown/lag ruins the feel of pitching for me.

7. Team names and uniforms that utterly ruin immersion.

8. Poor sportsmanship from other players.

4/21/2019 5:05AM PDT

Online = all the problems with this game come out and show their true colors. Frustrating yes. Who and the F wants that???

I play events and that’s it. The is no way in hell I’ll endure 9 innnings, 9 innings of pure straight garbage.

4/21/2019 6:35AM PDT

Mostly a time thing. I can pause the game, do some work, cook some food for my kids or even take or make some phone calls. I like to relax when I'm playing a game most of the time.

I also don't have to find my validation or sense of worth in a game that's not real. 

4/21/2019 6:39AM PDT

I’ve seen a couple people saying they don’t play because of cheesers, I’m being completely serious here, how do you cheese in a baseball game??

and I don’t play online a lot just because I feel like the games take forever lol and then a problem I ran into the other night where I wasn’t able to throw out base runners stealing because the meter for the catcher wouldn’t pop up until after they were sliding into the base so that kinda turned me off to online a little

4/21/2019 6:41AM PDT

Because neon uniforms don’t belong in baseball.

4/21/2019 6:44AM PDT

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